30 Day Continuous Distant Reiki Healing



All of our psychics are at least level 3 Reiki healers. A personal healer working for you all month long for 1 discounted price…just think of that! Just like celebrities and the elite have on their payroll! When you need healing of any type, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual you can have Reiki skills available to you on a continuous basis. A monthly subscription will get you 30 days of continuous energy healing. Not just a session a day, every day but CONTINUOUS healing around the clock.

Also known as CDR, your healer will write your name and their intentions on paper and attach it to the pure crystal that they infuse with reiki every day. CDR will psychically flow to you, non stop every day for as long as your subscription lasts. A weekly report will be sent to you on all findings, revealed to your healer. Your subscription also gets you VIP support. Which means you do not have to wait in line for your subscription to begin. When your order comes through, a healer will be assigned to you and your healing begins immediately.

If you do not know what Reiki is or how it works, check out this blog Psychic Gypsy Wind wrote for you. Reiki can heal on so many levels!


Can’t pay for the service all at once? No problem! If you use our integrated Paypal “pay later” feature, you can now pay monthly and there is no danger of losing your service or money because Starseed Psychics will be paid the total amount by Paypal immediately, your payments will simply go through Paypal. Any problems will NOT affect your subscription access, you are locked in no matter if you choose to stop making payments or not!


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