Rituals and spells, in this category you will find nothing but white magic as that is what Starseed Psychics are all about, healing, awakening, etc.

*NEW for 2023!*

From rituals and spells that will help you awaken your own psychic abilities to individual “ability-awakening” rituals that will clear negative karma, from past lives, awaken your own clairvoyance (and more!), and even protection and healing services for all sorts of situations! We offer one of the most in-depth and extensive lines of rituals and spells online today!

Want to become Clairvoyant and not wait until you are well into your 40s or 50s (as is normal)? We have rituals and spells for that! Want to awaken every psychic ability your soul was meant to have? We have a ritual that will do that too! Maybe you are looking for protection or healing. Our gifted Starseed Psychics are skilled in performing rituals that with proper intention can offer you just that.

What we do not cover with this category is anything deemed black magic, anything that causes suffering for you or others. Anything that will result in anything of the above mentioned, from or because of you. We are psychics but we are healers. Starseed Psychics come from the stars to aid humanity and mother earth in the current spiritual evolution. We are not witches, we are awakened beings. Thank you for your understanding when ordering our rituals and spells.

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