Clairempathy (Picture) Readings

Clairempathy or picture reading, as some call it, is the ability to literally pull answers from a photo through the use of energy. A clairempath psychic FEELS things and those things tell a story. You can ask questions about a specific picture. For example, “Did my grandmother in this photo actually die with 1 million dollars hidden in a safe someplace?” Another example is, “Was my mother and father, shown in this photo, really blood-related?”

Sometimes clairempathy will reveal hidden secrets that can be revealed by the energy of a photo. Then sometimes, there is nothing that the psychic can gather from the photo. We are not in charge of what the universe allows us to see or feel and what it does not allow.  However, our gifted clairempathic psychics will do their best for you in revealing answers to your questions. Please think about the photo before using it to ask a question. Photos of your boyfriend or girlfriend can not reveal if they are cheating unless very recent.

Let our gifted psychics work for you!

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