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Author Spiritwalker has been writing about how he lives and lives what he writes for more than 30 years. He wrote a very popular off-the-grid column for The Houston Herald newspaper from 2017-2018 where he was dubbed “an off-grid living master”. In 2009, he and his family went back to the land and moved off the grid into the southern Missouri Ozarks forest. Spirit says, “Back to humanity’s roots, and back to when life made sense, had more meaning, and was less hectic, less stressful and way healthier”.

Many of his books are written based on this lifestyle where he teaches how he and his family did it and did it successfully for almost a decade! During this span of life Spirit and his daughter ran the homestead as an intentional community, one that was rooted and based on the Zen path of awakening and enlightenment. Their motto was, “Come to rest, relax and heal”.

Spiritwalker is a Reiki master, blu-ray healer, natural born psychic, spiritual wellness coach, herbalist, and is very knowledgeable in the ways of Shamanism and natural medicine. The homestead was used by many, around the world, as a place to come to heal, learn and experience this very natural way of life including organic heirloom gardening, meditation, reiki healing, natural healing, off-grid living, homesteading, wild foraging, and all Spirit’s teachings spanning spirituality. In March 2019, he founded and went into business as a Spiritual Wellness Coach.

With over 50 books published in both e-book and paperback formats, his writing is a way of practicing a self-sufficient way of life as well as informing others of how they, too, can live a simpler, more meaningful way of life. His books can be found online, where ever books are sold and are both enlightening and informative. He is also a renowned Herbalist, Native American Medicine Man, Medical Specialist, and natural health guru. He can use the energy of the land to heal himself and others as well as what the land can provide physically in the form of food or medicine. He can trace his heritage back to his Cherokee and Black Foot Native American ancestors and so keeps the old ways alive in many aspects. He enjoys researching online, to further his self-sufficient knowledge, spending time with his business clients, cooking, and working directly with nature as a steward of the land. He has written for many high-profile places online, as a freelance Journalist, Alternative Media writer, ghostwriter, and Freelance Writer for many years. Places such as, CBS News Local, Yahoo! Contributors, Truth News, and Natures News, and worked as a natural living and herbal medicine expert at

He has had numerous pieces published in high-profile magazines such as American Survival Guide, Backwoodsman, Self-Reliance, and American Frontiersman magazines. Spiritwalker has an uncanny sense of survival and has had many years of survival training in both the USA and USAF working in the Military Intelligence field doing secret and top-secret operations state-side and (worldwide through remote viewing & computer operations), in his younger years. He also worked as a Combat Paramedic in the USA as a second MOS (military job) after training as a Medical Specialist. Now in his prime, he has devoted his life to spiritual awakening, spiritual refinement, in the pursuit of enlightenment for himself and his business clients worldwide.

You can access his spiritual services & books at:

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