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The Sacred Journal- An Appalachian Trail Adventure Author Spiritwalker

  • In 2005 a now ex-wife of mine and myself embarked on the journey of a lifetime. We chose the famous Appalachian Trail (AT) as our destination to make personal history. Being novice hikers, as we were, we were ill-prepared for the hike ahead but we had no idea since this would be the first time, we had stepped foot on the Appalachian Trail. We had no idea what we were getting into. I kept day-by-day journal entries, of those 30 fated days and 16 years later have decided to turn those into this book. In a sense, I was following an internal guide, one that led me to this trail with a sense of a spiritual journey or a homage of a sort. No doubt the hike would be grueling and even more so for a couple that was not prepared nor had any long-distance hiking experience. We had no idea what we were getting into. "The trail" is an unforgiving place. A real-life outdoor adventure that has never been told to the world...until now. Read the author's personal thoughts that were written 16 years ago, as it happened. Read about the countless "angels" on the trail that the author and his partner ran into that increased the likelihood of their success, from the human side to the celestial side. From near-death experiences to the events that changed their lives. Each step of the way you will follow their path as it was. The Appalachian Trail is one of America's hardest trails to complete and every day a new challenge awaits the hikers. As simple as it may seem to the un-experienced eye, the AT trail is simply a long-distance footpath through 14 states that takes hikers on some of the best and most memorable steps they will ever take in their lives. Enter now, "The Sacred Journal- An Appalachian Trail Adventure".
  • Starseed Publishing
  • January 1, 2022
  • 224 pages

Basic Meditations For Beginners Author Spiritwalker

  • Learn from an actual Zen Priest, the author was officially ordained in March of 2003. “Basic Meditations For Beginners” is an easy-to-read guided meditation book written specifically for those that want to learn how to meditate but have not had any formal training. It is also a book that those with some meditation practice will also find very helpful. Venerable Merlyn Seeley/Spiritwalker teaches you the ancient art of meditation in this "Bible for the soul". From mindfulness meditation to insight meditation, learn this ancient art of healing through meditation. You will learn what the difference is between mala meditation, walking meditation, sitting meditation, chanting meditation, and much more. The author takes you on a virtual tour of his Zen mind and will show you step by step how you too, can find the inner peace and tranquility that so many before him have found. Learn to heal yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn sleep meditation! Learn to chant a mantra and what that can do for you. If you want to raise your children to follow a better path but do not know where to turn, Spiritwalker teaches you meditation for children too! No matter the age, anyone can do this. How to meditate is just the tip of the iceberg with his book. You will learn ancient meditations, many different meditation techniques, mindfulness meditation with his guided meditation system. The benefits of meditation are massive. Just a few years ago scientists, here in the US, proved that mindfulness meditation, alone, makes your physical brain grow! Whether it's morning meditation, night meditation, or somewhere in between you are sure to find your style with Spiritwalker as your Zen teacher of meditation. Although Buddhist meditations, these meditations are what you need to know to find healing and growth in your meditation life. Meditation for anxiety is just one way in which these guided meditations will help you. So read up now on meditation techniques for beginners and advanced, alike. Namaste!
  • Starseed Publishing
  • 1333 pages

A Beginners Guide To Shikatakai Martial Arts Author Spiritwalker

  • Learning to fight and learning to defend yourself are two very different things. In this book, “A beginners guide to the martial arts- white belt”, we will attempt to inspire you to gain an interest in the martial arts. If you are already practicing the martial arts, this book will highlight your basic techniques and briefly explain, in detail, how each technique is done, what it should be used for and some secrets from the master. “All martial arts are good and all martial arts work for what they were intended to work for”. Karate for example was never intended to be used as a sport, although there are sports karate centers all over the world today. Karate was originally created as a combat art, taught to the army soldiers of Japan, and originated as an art called Yoshu kai, many decades ago. So the techniques here, have a strong base in Yoshu Kai and Tae Kwon Do, as these are two of the arts I chose to master over my lifetime. Today, the original “Karate” art is hard to find if it can be found at all. Hybrids exist, where the original techniques have been watered down so that people do not get killed in the sports rings, although this still happens. In this book, we briefly explain to you how to do the universal beginners techniques to almost any combat art. The beginner's punches, blocks, strikes kicks, and stances that you will learn, in just about all martial arts schools. Although some of these techniques will be tailored to the individual schools and instructors worldwide, they all originated from the same base technique. In this book, you will learn, from a master, how to properly execute the four main beginners techniques in each of the five main areas of the martial arts, blocking, punching, striking, stances and of course, kicking. Although, this is not all that beginners will learn in the martial arts as there is classroom-type knowledge, commands in the language of the art (according to what country the art originated in), and kata. After reading this book you will have learned all of the physical techniques that you need to know in order to advance from white belt to yellow belt in most modern-day martial arts centers. Please be aware, that most martial arts schools will still have you practice their ways before being awarded any belt rank even though you may have knowledge in the arts already from reading my books. You can, however, tell your instructor, of a new school, that you have trained in the martial arts before and would like to start as close to your present belt rank as possible, be it yellow, green or whatever. By doing that, most instructors will talk with you and ask who your instructor was, feel, free to use Master Retsuzen and Shikata Kai Martial Arts as your art title. Most instructors will then ask you to show them what you know so that they may decide for themselves where they feel comfortable placing your rank as. This you have to respect as everyone has pure confidence in THEIR art and feels that their techniques are boss. It has been my experience that if you walk into a new facility with a prior skill even if you are not awarded your current belt color as a starting point usually the instructors will test you and after you show them what you are made of they will still remember your training and you will advance much faster than the rest also you may find you are placed in a teachers helper position much faster than most. Either way, you are winning and the information in this book, as well as the whole series, will benefit you for sure.
  • Starseed Publishing
  • January 22, 2022
  • 51 pages

Using Herbal Remedies Author Spiritwalker

  • Using Herbal Remedies is a book for those that are searching to learn how to be self-sufficient when it comes to healing themselves and their family, naturally. You will read about how to prepare the herbs to be used for medicine, using multiple ways. What herbs to use for what ailments and what the herb’s medicinal powers are. Written from first-hand knowledge and taken from the extensive holistic mind of Spiritwalker, an herbalist, native American Medicine/Spiritual man, off-grid expert, and self-sufficient, sustainable, heirloom gardener. If you are looking to learn the basics as well as some intermediate techniques, this is a great book to start with. For those that are looking for alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry, this is the book for you! Author Spiritwalker holds nothing back as he approaches holistic medicine from the standpoint of someone who has nothing but ultimate respect for nature and the herbs, both from the wild and his own garden! Learn about the awesome power of the combination “Grapefruit Seed Extract/Echinacea” alongside many other herbal remedies that should, no doubt, be a part of any family's home apothecary! With over 30 years of experience, you are sure to learn only the most powerful information. Do you know how to diagnose your family’s symptoms? Spiritwalker even tells you how to properly do this and what it all means. With superbugs floating all over the place, created from the over-use of antibiotics, there is not a better time to know what to do. From Covid-19 to the Delta variant to the next wave of deadly viruses, modern-day medicine is just failing and unable to combat the growing trend of vaccine-resistant viruses and bacteria. What can we do? Nature has had the answer all along, this is why we are hearing that the best fight against Covid-19 is natural medicine, such as Black Elderberry and high doses of Vitamin C. You will learn all about everything that you need to know to get started on the path of the awakened natural herbalist!
  • Starseed Publishing

Preparing For The Collapse: Food Production Basics Author Spiritwalker

  • Book 3 of the sought-after series, “Preparing For The Collapse” by Author Spiritwalker. What in the world would you do if tomorrow you woke up to find that the United States power grid was gone, destroyed by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)? How would you feed your family? With the power grid gone, gas stations will close down, and stores will close their doors, water treatment plants will not run, nothing will work. Do you have a stockpile of water and food that will sustain your family for a long time? Do you have the necessary ammo and guns to protect what you have stockpiled from the “have nots” that will come to take what you got? A lot of people know it's coming, the collapse of the United States of America. Will you survive? Will you be ready, not IF, but WHEN it happens? Isn't your family worth your greatest try to survive? Author Spiritwalker tells you how to grow your own food while living off the grid, even in soil that is unfit for gardening. He shows you how to raise the most sustainable meat source available, the meat rabbit. It’s coming, most people know it, but do you know how to prepare for the collapse of the dollar? You will have to be able to eat and drink and protect what you have, including yourself and your family. Preparing for the coming economic collapse is something that you have to do now, not wait until it’s too late! Raising your own meat is nothing like store-bought chicken, but in this book you will learn how to raise chickens, raising your own chickens that is! You will learn how to raise rabbits for meat and more in this guide to living off the grid and producing your own food. Author Spiritwalker has been living off the grid for almost a decade and has been raising rabbits for meat since day 1. He can tell you what works and what doesn’t so you do not have to learn the hard way and instead can get on to securing your family’s food source before it’s too late. He tells you how to raise rabbits for meat and how to process that meat and store it along with all your other meat. You will learn how to start a garden, how to build a raised garden bed, learn organic gardening, he even tells you how to plant a prepper garden. In no time you will be canning tomatoes, canning peaches, canning salsa, canning green beans, and putting up loads of food for when SHTF. This is just a shortlist of just what you will learn from reading this book. Are you ready?
  • Starseed Publishing

Preparing For The Collapse: Growing, Foraging & Making Natural Medicine Author Spiritwalker

  • What in the world would you do if tomorrow you woke up to find that the United States power grid was gone, destroyed by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)? How would you take care of your family when they got ill? With the power grid gone, hospitals will be on backup power but will shut down eventually, when the fuel is gone, and no gas stations can operate with no power. Doctors' offices, pharmacies, and clinics will shut down and divert patients to the already overran hospitals still in operation. Do you have a stockpile of medicine both non-emergency and emergency that will protect your family for a long time? Do you have the necessary ammo and guns to protect what you have stockpiled from the “have nots” that will come to take from the “have’s”? A lot of people know it's coming, the collapse of the dollar, the economy will follow, and then the total collapse of a once-great nation. Will you survive? Will you be ready, not IF, but WHEN it happens? Isn't your family worth your greatest try to survive? Off-grid author Spiritwalker tells you how to grow your own herbs while living off the grid, even in soil that is unfit for gardening. He shows you how to raise and find the most important herbs, antibiotics. It’s coming, most people know it, but do you know how to prepare for the collapse of the economy? You will have to be able to take care of yourself and your family and protect what you have. Preparing for the coming economic collapse is something that you have to do now, not wait until it’s too late! Growing and foraging for your own natural medicine is nothing like you see on TV. Instead, in this book, you will learn how to raise, grow, and forage herbs, and then you will learn how to properly diagnose what is ailing you or your family and how to take the herbs you grew or foraged for and make your own medicine and also how to treat your patient. Author Spiritwalker has been living off the grid for over a decade and has been growing, foraging, and making his own medicine since day 1. He is an herbalist, a native American Medicine Man, and has been in practice for over 30 years! ​​​​​​​He can tell you what works and what doesn’t so you do not have to learn the hard way and instead can get on to securing your family’s future before it’s too late. He tells you how to grow and forage antiviral herbs, how to make them into medicine, and even how to store your medicine and herbs properly. You will learn how to start a medicinal garden too, how to use the forest to find medicinal herbs, and how to make herbal tinctures, decoctions, infusions, salves, and oils. In no time you will be the family natural doctor/herbalist and will be putting up stocks of natural medicine for when SHTF. Are you ready?
  • Starseed Publishing

Preparing For The Collapse: How To Live Off Grid Author Spiritwalker

  • What are you going to do? Will you know how to survive when it is absolutely necessary? Are you one of the many who understand that it is not IF but WHEN? If you have ever thought about moving out of the city and off the grid, then you are awake and you understand just how necessary it is becoming to obtain the knowledge of our forefathers and great grandparents. There was a time, not long ago, when people had enough to eat because they relied on themselves and family to grow, forage, trade, and raise all the food they needed. They did not hurt for money, and they were not overburdened with bills and taxes and bad health. Where has all that gone? Is it still possible to live like this? Yes, it is, and I am here to show you how. How do I know? Because my family and I have been doing it for the last 12 years! We have taken all the pain out of transitioning from a modern-day, hectic life to a simple off-grid existence. I tell you everything that worked and what did not work and over the years what I have come to understand as the only way to do everything. If you woke up tomorrow and this civilization took a nosedive from the current tailspin it is already in, where would you go? I tell you how to obtain off-grid land with no credit and no banks and less than $500! You will learn to build what you need, where to get the supplies from other than an ordinary store, how to raise the meat you will need, and how to grow that all-purpose organic garden. From the author of the sought-after series, “Preparing for the Collapse” comes another book that can save your life!
  • Starseed Publishing

Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual Author Spiritwalker

  • Probably you have chosen to pick up this book because you are interested in martial arts of any kind, or maybe you are just interested in the training of the ancient ninja. Whatever the reason for your interest in this book I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. But just what is Shikatakai? I teach that the study of the art is not just merely the study of kicking, blocking, and punching, you know, martial arts training, it is a lifestyle that you have chosen to live by. We are not talking about some Ninjutsu Naruto here, we are talking about actual Ninjutsu techniques blended seamlessly with ancient martial arts techniques taken from 7 major styles. (you will learn what those 7 are in the book) There are many martial arts schools and probably, a few Ninjutsu schools near you…if you live in a big city. But you will not find a school that teaches Shikatakai. That is because it is not a traditional style, instead, it is a family-style that was once secret to most of the world. But there are far more points to the art on the martial artist than just fighting, and defending, in Shikatakai you are agreeing to learn to use your mind like most individuals can’t. You are agreeing to live by a strict code of ethics and uphold honor for yourself and those loved ones around you. If you plan on using the Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual to start a new page in your life, to better your life and those around you, then you will begin a journey that is very rewarding. However, the Shikatakai art also teaches ancient Ninjutsu hand signs AKA: the Kuji Kiri, medical Ninjutsu, or how to heal yourself and others, Ninjutsu weapons. If you want to know how to learn this rare art, you've found a good start with the Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual. One last word on the survival aspects of any ninjutsu originated art, the gray man is a philosophy that is 100% supported by training in Shikatakai. In today’s uncertain world, you should understand this concept and be prepared at all times.
  • Starseed Publishing

An Advanced Look At Shikatakai Martial Arts Author Spiritwalker

  • The Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual, many know the name and many more have the book in their hands today and have learned a great deal. However, over the years I have been bombarded with requests to have the book available in two separate books and in different formats. So, this ebook, is the advanced excerps from the original manual as named above. Just the advanced parts have been taken and formed into their own ebook format and recreated to be produced as a book in its own right! You asked I listened! If you are into survival, the grey man identity, learning to exist out of the Matrix, off-grid, this is a concise manual for the basics. If you are wanting to learn the well sought-after art called Shikatakai Martial Arts, AKA: Shikata Ryu Ninjutsu, and want to employ self-discipline into learning only what you need to know at the right time, then this is one of the books you need. The other is the first half of the manual titled, "An Introduction To Shikatakai Martial Arts." If you are hardcore and want it all, "The Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual" is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, direct from the author at http://www.authorspiritwalker.com and everywhere ebooks are available online today. First published in 2013 as an ebook, this "2022 revamp" is crisp, intelligent, clear, and precise...right in line with the remainder of the author's impressive bookshelf of ebooks, Kindle Vella books, paperbacks, and hardbacks.
  • Starseed Publishing

The Magical Blue Butterfly Author Spiritwalker

  • Josee, pronounced "Joe Zee", was a little boy who was an only child. All Josee longed for was a few good friends, but where Josee and his family lived there were not many people and certainly not any children. Josee and his family lived off the grid on a forest homestead, deep in the Missouri Ozark forest. Where they lived was very rural, quiet, and safe but very lonely for a little boy, too. Josee found a beautiful blue butterfly that had magical abilities. His butterfly friend had the ability to do many things. One of those things was, the ability to make any animal speak English words! Throughout the story, many animals are made to speak, and this is mainly in response to a little boy who simply did not have any friends to talk to. The Universe is magical and in a little boy’s time of need, it answered with a magical blue butterfly that had magical abilities to make everything change in the boy’s life. From Chickens that talk with an English accent to dogs that speak with a country accent, it’s all here!
  • Starseed Publishing
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