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Author/Blogger Guidelines

Our guest blogger service is a privilege that we extend to everyone who asks, at least once. It is not a paid program nor should our guest bloggers expect ANY compensation. However, the Starseed Psychics blog is world-renowned and we have readers from all over the world so bloggers can expect to get their writing and name seen through our venue, free of charge. Our blog has thousands of readers a week and hundreds of local site followers. We also are ranked pretty well in Google search results and have worked for many years to make it happen. Bloggers may be rewarded, from time to time, for their efforts in blogging with us. Author status with the blog can be revoked at any time and for any reason. The site editor has access and may edit each and every blog as they see fit to coincide with the path of the business, including deleting a blog altogether.

Authors can expect to see their name on their blog and to take all credit. Authors should take responsibility for the promotion (share, share, share!) of their blogs to make their experience even more rewarding. Bloggers must adhere to the structure and style of the blog at all times if constant over editing of your blogs is necessary your account may be downgraded. Bloggers may self-advertise, this includes affiliate marketing links, in their blogs. The only rule here is that whatever you advertise must be available through, it can be through any vendor even yourself, but must be available on the site somewhere. Bloggers must adhere to the topic of the business. Your blog should cover topics in metaphysical, spiritual, or holistic health. Our blog is hosted on the platform so if you have experience in blogging with WordPress and block-style editing, you should be right at home.

Bloggers need to be mostly self-sufficient as the site staff is quite busy on a daily basis. However, please contact the site editor with any questions or concerns at any time, during business hours via the email link below.

If interested, we want to hear from you!

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