Clairvoyant Readings

We offer a range of Clairvoyant Readings to help you get the answers you’re after. Not sure what you need? We can explain what services are right for you. Get in touch below for a free consultation before you buy!

Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyant reading, any subject for 1 question


Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyant reading, any subject for 3 questions


Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyant reading, any subject for 5 question


Clairvoyant Psychic Subscription-30 day

Hire a Starseed Psychic as your personal psychic for 30 days. Save HUNDREDS! Service rated 5 stars! A personal psychic at your whim...just think of that! Just like celebrities and the elite have on their payroll! Anytime you need answers you can have a psychic's skills available to you at a moment's notice. A monthly subscription will get you your psychic's entire arsenal of psychic power. Just think, you can contact your psychic and ask any questions you want for 30 days, up to 3 questions a day to use anytime you wish! No waiting on reports either, just live answers directly from your psychic when you need them. Your subscription also gets you VIP support. Which means you do not have to wait in line for your answers. If your psychic is online and your answer comes through, they will stop what they are doing and answer your questions. You will have a month of constant access via live chat Google Hangouts to contact your psychic anytime, anywhere.


Looking For A Free Consultation Before Purchasing?

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