Chakra Services

We offer a range of Chakra services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what service you need? We can explain what services are right for you. Get in touch below for a free consultation before you buy!

Chakra Diagnosis

We all have 7 chakras. If one of more of these become blocked, stagnant chi will build up causing all sorts of issues, this could result in illness, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and much more, even issues at work, in relationships and finances! It is very important that our chi flow through and around our body properly. When there is a blockage, it needs cleared. Using clairvoyance, our psychics can see the colors of your aura and determine if and where any blockages of chi exist.


Chakra Clearing/Healing

If you are diagnosed with a blocked chakra, your chi is not flowing right. This is the healing service you are looking for. Using healing Reiki and Blue Ray healing paired with proper instruction for the patient, our skilled psychics will help you heal and get your life back! If you have been diagnosed by a psychic from another place other than our Starseed Psychics, we advise you to get diagnosed here first. We want to be sure you actually NEED this service before you purchase what you do not need. The blockage removal is usually instant, but there have been times when it may take multiple healing sessions over a week, rare, but it happens. In the event of this, we will help you purchase additional sessions at a discounted rate...Because we care!


Chakra Empowerment

Looking for a great energy boost? Check out our chakra empowering service! Our skilled psychics are experienced in distant Reiki and will send you specialized energy that will connect with yours and super charge your chi...for any reason you wish. The results are instant and you will feel proof your chi is flowing better and more rapidly!


Looking For A Free Consultation Before Purchasing?

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