Author Spiritwalker

Freelance Author/Spiritual Wellness Coach/Psychic Advisor

Author Spiritwalker has been writing for over 30 years with over 40 books written and self published available where ever books are sold online. He has had numerous pieces published in high profile websites as well as periodicals and continues to freelance as a ghost writer and as our very own Master Psychic and Spiritual Wellness Coach.

Writing For The People

For almost a decade he and his family lived off the grid in the forest, at one with nature…literally disconnected from all modern aspects of life at the homestead. Many of his books are written based on this lifestyle where he teaches how he and his family did it and did it successfully! During this span of life Spirit and his daughter ran the homestead as an intentional community, one that was rooted and based on the Zen path of awakening and enlightenment. Their motto was, “Come to rest, relax and heal”. Spirit and his daughter are Reiki practitioners, full time psychics, herbalists, and very knowledgeable in the ways of Shamanism and natural medicine. The homestead was used by many, around the world, as a place to come to heal, learn and experience this very natural way of life including organic heirloom gardening, meditation, reiki healing, natural healing, off-grid living, homesteading, wild foraging, spiritual awakening and all Spirit’s teachings spanning spirituality. In March 2019, he and his daughter founded and went into business as Spiritual Wellness Coaches/Psychic Advisors. As of January 2021 Starseed Psychics has spanned across the internet to include the quickly upcoming platform at With over 40 books published in both e-book and paperback formats, his writing is a way of practicing a self-sufficient way of life as well as teaching others of how they, too, can live a simpler, more meaningful way of life filled with spiritual awakening.

Available Paperback Books

You will be contacted via email as soon as payment is processed personally by Author Spiritwalker to facilitate your book order.

Basic Meditations For Beginners

“Basic Meditations For Beginners” is an easy to read guided meditation book written specifically for those that want to learn how to meditate but has not had any formal training. It is also a book that those with some meditation practice will also find helpful in expanding their meditation knowledge. Author Spiritwalker teaches you the ancient art of meditation in this “Bible for the soul”. From mindfulness meditation to insight meditation, learn this ancient art of healing through meditation.


Using Herbal Remedies

In this book, you will learn how to make your own herbal tinctures, salves, infusions, and decoctions. You will also learn what herb you can use to treat physical illnesses such as headaches, internal infections, ear infections, etc. I have even included a chapter devoted to using herbs with your children. Loaded with pictures of each of the herbs talked about, this book embraces the essence of the art and lifestyle of herbal medicine at its basics. Merlyn Seeley AKA: Spiritwalker, is a renowned natural living specialist, medical specialist USA, Cherokee medicine man, Shaman, Reiki master, natural healer, and a herbalist.


Shikatakai Martial Arts Training Manual

Since age 13 Master Spiritwalker has trained and honed his body, mind and spirit. Using martial arts as a tool to strengthen all aspects of his life, he spent the bulk of his younger years training and teaching not only the art itself but every aspect that has more to do with the spiritual nature of it. In his book you will not only learn the physical nature of the art but all it has to do with the spirit and mind too. Shikatakai is founded by Master Spiritwalker and is not available anywhere in the world except through his book.



Preparing For The Collapse- How To Live Off The Grid

What are you going to do? Will you know how to survive when it is absolutely necessary? Are you one of the many who understand that it is not IF but WHEN? If you have ever thought about moving out of the city and off the grid, then you are awake and you understand just how necessary it is becoming to obtain the knowledge of our forefathers and great grandparents. There was a time, not long ago, when people had enough to eat because they relied on themselves and family to grow, forage, trade, and raise all the food they needed. They did not hurt for money and they were not overburdened with bills and taxes and bad health. Where has all that gone? Is it still possible to live like this? Yes, it is, and I am here to show you how. How do I know? Because my family and I have been doing it for the last 12 years! We have taken all the pain out of transitioning from a modern-day, hectic life to a simple off-grid existence. I tell you everything that worked and what did not work and over the years what I have come to understand as the only way to do everything. If you woke up tomorrow and this civilization took a nosedive from the current tailspin it is already in, where would you go? I tell you how to obtain off-grid land with no credit and no banks and less than $500! You will learn to build what you need, where to get the supplies from other than an ordinary store, how to raise the meat you will need, and how to grow that all-purpose organic garden. From the author of the up-and-coming series, “Preparing for the Collapse” comes another book that can save your life!


Preparing For The Collapse-Food Production Basics

Off-grid author Spiritwalker, tells you how to grow your own food while living off the grid, even in soil that is unfit for gardening. He shows you how to raise the most sustainable meat source available, the meat rabbit. It’s coming, most people know it, but do you know how to prepare for the collapse of the dollar? You will have to be able to eat and drink and protect what you have, including yourself and your family. Preparing for the coming economic collapse is something that you have to do now, not wait until it’s too late! Raising your own food is nothing like it’s done in heavily poisoned society today, but in this book you will learn how to raise your own clean and well taken care of meat, produce your own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs and more in this guide to living off the grid and producing your own food.


Preparing For The Collapse-Growing, Foraging & Making Natural Medicine

Growing and foraging for your own nature medicine is nothing like you see on TV. Instead, in this book you will learn how to raise grow and forage herbs and then I tell you how to take those herbs and make your own medicine! You will learn how to properly diagnose what is ailing you or your family and how to take the herbs you grew or foraged for and make your own medicine and then how to treat your patient. Author Spiritwalker lived off the grid for almost a decade and grew, foraged and made his own medicine from day 1. He is an herbalist, Native American Medicine Man and has been in practice for over 25 years! He can tell you what works and what doesn’t so you do not have to learn the hard way and instead can get on to securing your family’s future before it’s too late. He tells you how to grow and forage antiviral herbs, how to make them into medicine and how to store your medicine and herbs properly. You will learn how to start a medicinal garden, how to forage for medicinal herbs, how to make herbal tinctures, decoctions, infusions, salves, and oils. In no time you will be the family natural doctor/herbalist and putting up loads of natural medicine for when it matters most. Are you ready?


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