Aura Readings

We offer a range of psychic aura readings to help you find the answers you’re after. Not sure what reading you need? We can explain what services are right for you. Get in touch below for a free consultation before you buy!

Personal Aura Reading

We provide you a very detailed aura reading using a recent picture of the person you are asking about. This includes the aura color, meaning, and if there is any overlay color which could tell of a major life change taking affect or if major change has just happened. Our skilled psychics can even tell if you are going through a spiritual awakening and if there is chi blockages which could point to illness or issues in your life. 1 order per picture please.


Aura Reading For Relationships

We provide you a very detailed aura reading using a recent picture of the couple you are asking about. This aura reading is to determine how a person feels about you that you are in a relationship or potential relationship with. Please provide a picture with both people together as opposed to separate pictures. If you can not provide a picture like this, then we suggest ordering two personal aura readings because each person's aura will not show how it responds to the other when the couple is together unless we can see both people side by side in real time. This includes the aura color of each person, meaning and answers questions pertaining to how the couple is responding to each other.


Looking For A Free Consultation Before Purchasing?

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