Signs & Symptoms of Awakening Clairaudience

So, you are wondering about developing clairaudience, let’s take a look at 10 of the most common clairaudience signs/symptoms:

#1- LUCID CONVERSATIONS- You have calm, clear, and sane conversations, with yourself, often. This could mean that a voice inside you is trying to lead you and possibly give you advice. When there is no one but you around, you are having a lucid conversation. You probably carry on a conversation using your own voice. You also carry on the other side of the conversation, as if you are another person responding to you, there in physical form. You are not nuts. You are aware enough that you try to keep it low so others will not think this of you either. Listen to what is being said on both sides of the conversation. Let the conversation flow freely and don’t worry. Instead, listen for advice and needed information or answers to problems you face.

#2- SPOT ON ADVICE- Your advice is so perfect. Not only that, but the advice even amazes you because of how profound it actually is. How can you determine? Do many people rely on you for sound advice that seems interesting to you as well as other people? Then it is possible this information you have access to comes from the spirit realm.

#3- CLAIREMPATHIC- You are so good at consorting with people. If you are the perfect person, you can recall, providing comforting words to those during precarious moments, it could mean you are clairaudient. People who are clairaudient don’t have to physically hear strange sounds or even voices anytime. Just having the ability to tap into this information in your own mind is enough. This is also a sign of Clairempathy psychic ability.

#4- EAR RINGING- Ever heard that ringing in your ears? The difference between a medical issue and clairaudience is the length of time and amount of times that ringing is bothersome. Brief could be a sign as all the time and bothersome is usually associated with a medical issue. Otherwise, listen and pay attention because the spirit realm may be trying to communicate with you.  Watch and see if it happens at certain times or times when you are trying to make a decision. Not only for you but for other people using you as a conduit for the information they need.

#5- PHANTOM SOUNDS- You may hear all sorts of different sounds. There may be voices talking calmly to you, strange chatter like radio chatter, or simply words that have a deeper meaning. The sounds will be very different from what you are used to. If you understand what you can hear is completely different than what your ears hear, such as a sound only in your mind, this is a strong sign. You may hear someone say your name when there’s no one there. If there is someone nearby, they tell you they didn’t say your name. This can be a sign of your spirit guide trying to communicate with you. You hear phantom music when there isn’t any music playing near you and anyone else with you can’t hear it.

#6- GHOSTLY FOOTSTEPS- Ever heard ghostly movement? If you’ve ever heard sounds that usually resemble movement, like footsteps, it could mean there is spiritual activity going on near you. Other people nearby will say they don’t hear anything.

#7- AN EPIPHANY- Do you ever get sudden inspiration? Those who notice the awakening of clairaudience might be doing something simple, such as eating or watering a garden, when an intelligent or incredible idea comes into their head instantly. You could get this information in the form of visions, sounds, or any other unusual way. This could be a sign of clairvoyance too.

#8- MEDIUM ABILITIES- You can communicate with spirit guides who are not yours, but other people’s. Sometimes you feel awakened by answers that aren’t your own idea. This may be due to spirit guides’ speaking through you after someone has asked you for advice. The information you share could feel personal. Those who are clairaudient will usually say, when they receive messages in their head, they always feel the message was for them. Even if it is meant for someone else, they still feel this way.

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