Mindfulness Breathing Meditation- Part 2

Mindfulness meditation is perfect for anyone starting out and it only gets better with time. As you advance in your meditation you will find that your mindfulness meditation also advances, and you gain more from it as time goes on. Not only does it get easier to concentrate on your breathing, but it will start to play out in your everyday life. You will notice that you are becoming more adapted to certain situations and that they do not affect you as negatively as usual. Using this meditation technique, you will not only gain inner peace, a calm mind, and a stress-free life but you will start to slow down your life. Most people do not understand that their life is very fast-paced. They live in the future never being in the present, which is all that really matters as the present is all that is real, the future has not even been written and the past is done.

Mindfulness meditation will change the way you see the world it will change how you eat, talk, and walk and how you do just about everything in life. The reason being mindfulness meditation is a training camp for your brain. Your mind learns to slow down and that in turn will slow the body which of course makes your life slow down. Things will start to seem more pronounced in life after just a year of mindfulness training. People have reported enlightening experiences from practicing this technique for extended periods of time. Mindfulness meditation is endorsed by Zen Buddhism as its main practice. When you see the Zen monks sitting in silence with their eyes closed facing a wall in the monasteries, they are in mindfulness meditation. Buddha himself used this technique as his main one; he was in mindfulness meditation for days before he reached his fully enlightened status there under the Bodhi tree.

Mindfulness meditation is not just something you can do sitting, practicing mindfulness goes a long way into your spiritual journey. After you learn to use this technique, you may want to expand on your knowledge. One way to do that is to explore mindfulness meditation further. Those that become advanced in this, and other meditation techniques learn to meditate while they are walking. Also, laying down, and doing whatever it is they do during the day. This is one technique that does not have to be done sitting. In fact, walking meditation is practiced a lot in Zen and the monastery monks will have times of walking meditation daily. They practice mindfulness at the same time. If you are going to practice this meditation technique while walking you will want to keep your eyes open. Focus on your steps as opposed to your breathing. Breathing still plays a role though, so do not disregard the breath altogether.

Just focus on each step and step slowly. As one very well-known and respected Zen monk put it, “Walk as if your feet are kissing the ground.” Walking mindfulness meditation can be done anywhere that you have ample space to walk. With each step try and concentrate on how the foot touches the ground. You can keep mindful of your steps using a chant that you say each time your foot hits the ground. If you practice Pure Land Buddhism there is a name of a Buddha, called Amitaba that is great for this. With each step you would say part of the name of the Buddha, keeping your concentration on your steps. For example, as your left foot touches the ground you think “A” (pronounced Ah). Then, on the right foot you think “mi” (pronounced me) left foot, “ta” (pronounced tah), and your right foot “ba” (pronounced bah).

Practicing mindfulness meditation in this way you can either speak the syllables of the name aloud or just think them to you. Mindfulness meditation can be done as you are falling asleep. As well as to help you get to sleep if you have problems falling asleep. As you are lying on your back you can concentrate on your breath. A lot of people say their minds run a million miles an hour when they try and fall asleep. This is a wonderful time to try and tame your mind using this meditation technique. It is done in the say way except you will be lying flat with your hands at your sides. Focus on how your body feels as you concentrate on your breathing. Is it tense in certain places; does it feel very relaxed in certain areas? By studying your body in this way, you can learn a lot about where you harbor tension and stress. Mindfulness meditation helps you locate these areas and relax them so you can fall asleep more naturally.

You will often notice that you keep your jaws and mouth pretty tense. These areas are tight so often, leading to headaches. And make things seem louder than they are when you are trying to fall asleep. In this way, mindfulness meditation teaches you how to relax the areas that are usually unnoticed. You can heal yourself of chronic pain, tension, and stress using this technique. In the year 2011, there were a lot of studies on mindfulness meditation. Those studies proved mindfulness’s worth to everyone instead of just those that are Buddhist or following some other spirituality. The year, 2011 brought these factual insights. You can read the actual formal articles for all of these facts if you search for the titles listed here one by one, using your web browser:

  • -Mindfulness meditation has been found to make your brain grow.
  • -Meditation was used by a Buddhist monk to cure an incurable disease.
  • -Mindfulness meditation is now being used as a remedy for autism which can replace drugs.
  • -Mindfulness meditation is now being used as an alternative to dangerous drugs as a remedy for ADHD and ADD.
  • -Mindfulness meditation as well as a few other techniques is now being taught and used in large corporations to improve work performance and decrease injuries on the job. Being more mindful while you are moving around the office, which can become crowded, decreases your chances of getting injured.
  • -Meditation is being taught and used in some schools now to improve children’s performance.

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