Spiritual Christmas Gift Ideas

Happy holidays from Starseed Psychics to you! Here are our spiritual Christmas Gift Ideas. We are excited to celebrate another holiday season with you and because of you, we are able to do so! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We understand that now is the time to start brainstorming for gift ideas and we also understand that this is the toughest part of Christmas! We would like to help you decide by sharing spiritual gift ideas that you can give your super spiritual and metaphysical friends and family members! Highlighted links will direct you to the product title.

Essential oils

Essential oil gifting is a fantastic spiritual gift idea for Christmas, especially a case of essential oils. Perhaps you have someone in mind that likes to use essential oils for skin and hair. The best essential oils for skin and hair include lavender, Roman chamomile, frankincense, tea tree, geranium, myrrh, helichrysum, rosemary, and clary sage. Maybe you know someone that handles stress and anxiety by using essential oils, oils that are great for anxiety and stress are, lavender, rose, vetiver, ylang-ylang, bergamot, chamomile, and frankincense. Great combination oils, cinnamon leaf, cedarwood, lime, grapefruit, eucalyptus, orange, sandalwood, clary sage, jasmine, lemongrass, and copaiba.

Smudge Bundles

Smudge bundles are a great spiritual Christmas gift! Depending on the smudge bundle, they can come with lots of great things for the metaphysical soul! As we know, smudging is a time-honored ritual used for cleansing a space or home of negative or stagnant energy. For thousands of years, our ancestors have used smudging to remove evil spirits and make room for uplifting, healing energy. There are several different smudging wands from white sage, yerba santa, blue sage, mugwort, and Palo Santa. Mugwort is the hardest wand to find locally, however, it can be bought online easily.

Large Smudge Spiritual Set

Earth & Air Smudging Kit

3 White Sage Smudge Kit with Feather

Spiritual Candles

Everyone loves candles even spiritual people! How about a candle that is truly dedicated to their lifestyle and beliefs! Chakra candles can really light up and empower the meditation room, office space, and healing room! Chakras are the major centers of spiritual power in the human body and are circles of energy that balance, store and distribute the energies of life all through our physical body along the subtle body. There are a lot of candles that make great gifts such as sage candles, chakra candles, energy cleansing candles, etc.

Pure Sage Smudge Set of 3 Candles

STONE OF LIFE Crystal Candles

Vrinda 7 Chakra Scented Candle


Incense is a go-to favorite for many spiritual souls that use them for cleansing, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc. However, you may think that incense is too simple? Doesn’t have to be! Incense sets are a great spiritual Christmas gift when they include multiple scents! However, you want to make sure you’re getting a premium company. Cheap incense either doesn’t burn right or has a faded scent. The best companies you want to search for are Nag Champa, HEM, and Satya Sai Baba.

Nag Champa Incense Sticks Variety- Pack (12 Incenses, 140+ Sticks)

HEM Aromatherapy Gift Set for Cleansing & Meditation

Seven Chakras – 35 Gram Box, 7 Difference Incense – From HEM

Tea Bundles

Tea bundles are a fantastic gift idea! There are many companies especially now, selling tea bundles which usually contain many different flavors. Tea has been consumed for centuries for multiple reasons. Depending on certain teas, they can cure cancer, aid in weight loss, improve memory, prevent type 2 diabetes, etc. However, some people like to drink tea for its flavor, simple enjoyment if you wish. So, if you know someone who is a tea lover, the below suggestions would make a great gift for them.

Taylors of Harrogate Assorted Specialty Teas Box

Stash Tea Bags Sampler Assortment Box, 80 COUNT

Numi 36 Count, 9 Flavor, Organic Tea Bag Sampler

Gifts Containing Crystals

Everyone loves crystals and they make a great gift. It’s a gift you’ll know they will love. Whether it’s a crystal necklace, bracelet, crystal water bottle, crystal dreamcatcher, crystal tree, or just a box of crystals, it will sure to be the light of their holiday! Depending on the crystal, crystals in your home, office, meditation area, bedroom, and other spaces can help you to manifest your dreams into reality. They bring the healing, purifying, and uplifting energy of the earth into your space.

Amethyst and Quartz Cluster Rainbow Tree

36PCS Healing Crystals Set

Phoenix Crystal Water bottle

Amethyst Dreamcatcher

We hope that this blog has inspired you and perhaps help you along your spiritual Christmas shopping journey! During this busy holiday season, stay tuned to more holiday blogs! We are happy to spend this season with you once more!

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