Understanding The Wolf As Your Animal Protector

The word totem is derived from the Ojibwe (Chippewa) word ‘odoodem’ meaning “his kinship group”. Animal totems can be a symbol of an individual, family, clan, tribe, or really any group of people. For native American tribes, that carved animal totems, the totems were a very respected monument to the animal spirits that were part of their tribe. These totems were not worshiped, instead, they were used much like any statue one might put out to symbolize some deep meaning in their life. Animal Totems are most associated with the Totem Poles that were created by six tribes of Northwest native Americans, the indigenous people on the Pacific Northwest Coast.

The names of the Northwest tribes who carved Animal pictures on Totem Poles are Tlingit, Haida, Bella Coola, Kwakiutl, Tsimshian, and the West Coast tribes. The reason a totem pole would have multiple animals faces on them was that each tribe would be made up of more than one family, so there was more than one animal totem for the whole tribe. The poles were carved in certain locations to protect the tribe from outside attacks. Today, we might refer to our animal totem as our animal spirit protector. It is the same thing really and the affinity with the animal remains strong for humans today, in all cultures.

When it comes to the wolf animal totem or the wolf as your animal protector or animal spirit guide, there would be a genuine connection between you and that animal. You may find that you are more drawn to this animal, in all its aspects, if your totem is the wolf. If you are Clairvoyant, you might see visions of this animal in your waking life, not physical images mind you, but visions such as one would refer to a spirit blip here and there. If there are others in the area with you, who are also sensitive to psychic energies they may also report seeing something that looked like a wolf but then it was gone, from time to time. It is quite common, in fact, for those types of people to report the image was close to you.

As a spiritual person, your animal protector is always near you. You have become more open and sensitive to the spiritual energies that are part of everyday life for you. If you have opened yourself up to receiving and developing a relationship with your animal totem, then certainly the animal will make an appearance in many areas of your life. Dreams, in physical form out in nature, in movies, visions, even spirit blips in your room or sacred place from time to time. It is believed that your animal totem is there to guide you, comfort you, and even protect you. It is the outer reflection of attributes that make up you.

Each of us has attributes that make up our personality and those with the wolf as their totem would display certain personality traits that the wolf animal also displays. So, if you have these personality traits, your animal protector is the wolf:

  • A deep connection to family 
  • Relationships for you tend to always be spiritual 
  • You are a loner, most of the time 
  • You possess a natural ability to survive 
  • You do not trust other people easily 
  • You are mostly paranoid 
  • For your life is all about adventure. 
  • You may have been referred to as a wanderer, vagabond, hobbit, bum, or hobo because you never stay in one place too long and are always on the move 
  • You have an extraordinarily strong connection to nature and especially the forest 
  • You tend to be a leader, not a follower but understand the hierarchy in your own family or group of friends 
  • You have a problem with authority and tend to be a rebel 
  • Cannot stand society and modern-day culture and too much of it makes you feel unstable but going back to the forest clears your head 
  • You have a deep respect for the old ways and tradition 
  • Have trouble keeping a job and tend to do better working alone or for yourself 
  • You are not really a materialistic person who cannot understand what all the hype is about money and things 
  • You have natural psychic abilities, are empathic, and trust your intuition strongly 
  • You are a natural-born leader 

If your animal totem is the wolf the positive symbolism would be a deep connection with your intuition and instincts. On the negative side, the wolf could represent a perceived threat or a lack of trust in someone or your own feelings or actions. This spirit animal also reflects high intelligence in dealing with important things in life. When it comes to tapping into the uses of the wolf animal totem, you could learn to trust that if you see the wolf, it is a message either positive or negative. For instance, if you end up lost in the forest and a wolf appears but is no threat the symbolism could be that you need to utilize your natural survival instincts to get out.

On the other hand, if you catch a spirit blip of your wolf protector when you are talking to someone that you hardly know and they are telling you things that you must decide are true or not, the appearance of the wolf could be warning you not to trust. It is a clever idea to learn to meditate on any vision you have of your wolf guide and tell the guide that you want a stronger relationship with it. The more you become connected to your wolf guide the more in tune with the universe you will become, and the easier life will become and the more successful you can be in your life too.

As a wolf totem, if there is one thing you need to understand it is that you were born to be free, your mantra might as well be, “don’t fence me in.”

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