Using signs from the universe to stay on the right track

“Learn to see the signs from the universe that you need to know”

When you are out of alignment with your life path, (we all have a path) or when you are in alignment with your path different signs mean different things. Your spirit guide is sometimes called your guardian angel. For me, I actually learned what my spirit guide’s name was by entering a Shamanic trance, seeking out my guide, and then asking the question directly. After a few times, the name started to show up as synchronicity in my life. I simply started seeing this name all over. Upon meditation of the name, it was clear it was a message from my spirit guide. So, the first sign from the universe could be synchronicity of names, numbers, colors, pictures, etc.

Another form of communication the universe uses is simple intuition. To be awake or in tune enough to catch every aspect of a message coming to you through your intuition takes a long time and a lot of work. We all have intuition, but most people cannot say they listen to their intuition all the time. However, intuition IS the universal communicating some message to you. Sometimes, but not always, your intuition is all you need to guide you. It can save your life even. There is a story I love to tell because it shows the power of what being in tune with your intuition can do for you AND others. This is a very personal story, but I feel it makes the case for intuition as a very universal communication method of the universe.

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Another way that the universe may be speaking to you, is opportunities appear out of nowhere. If the things you want are all of a sudden available to you, then take advantage of that, knowing that they are signs, from the universe, and that you are worth getting what you want. Think of things such as receiving out-of-the-blue emails, messages, or calls from certain people that can help you with some issue or meeting a soulmate at your local cafe as a spiritual bonus. Your guide is saying, you have earned some help with getting what you want. Also, if your manifesting game is on target it is definitely a sign.

If it’s raining and you get special VIP parking (aka right up front) or you can’t go to a movie because you’re broke and then someone offers you a free ticket, it’s probably a sign you are on the right track. You visualized, were thankful, and you were able to manifest what you needed. This is a message that you should trust in yourself more and that you can show the things that you desire or need, regardless of whether they appear to be distant for you. The Universe seems like it wants you to understand, it will take care of you. Another sign that the universe is trying to say you are on the right track is you’re not stagnant or stuck.

Your creativity is doing quite awesome, and inspiration shows up all the time whether you’re in the car, at a club having a night out, or even taking off your clothes for bed, at night. You don’t ask questions about the high quality of your ideas or where they are coming from because you know they’re very well and you will follow where they lead you. Also, if people are drawn to you it is another sign the universe is sending a message that you are doing alright. When things are falling into place for you, people will want to assist you. You just keep doing what you are doing and forget about trying to be who you’re not. Things are going to work out for you just because of how likable and interesting you are without having to try really hard.

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