Protecting yourself from EMF fields

Exactly what is EMF fields? EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and these frequencies are all around us today because of all the electronic and electrical stuff we are constantly around. From the stop lights at all the intersections to that cell phone in your car and that computer you spend way too much time on to the TV you sit in front of too often and even those light bulbs in every room of your home…you are living in an EMF field. Why is this important? Because it has been proven the EMF frequencies affect us in negative ways. Emotionally, physically, and certainly mentally we are constantly suffering under an EMF field. But what about spiritually, does EMF cause spiritual disturbances? It certainly does because anything that affects us as a whole person will always have an impact on our spirit too. Remember, mind, body AND spirit.

So, what do we do, how can we protect ourselves from EMF fields? There are ways… but in actuality, the most effective way is to simply turn it all off. Some of you may not be able to live without electricity, technology and cell phones, although there are lots of people that do and have their whole lives. But that is the most effective. This is one of the reasons people have been steadily moving off the grid in the US and abroad. When you live off the grid, you have chosen to live out from under the canopy of electrical and technological grids. Outside EMF fields, life is a lot different. But what about those that decide that off grid life is not the best choice for them? What can the rest of us do to protect ourselves? Well, besides the obvious of limiting your exposure to EMF fields, as best you can.

Such as turning off the computer after a certain hour and not back on until a certain hour and no longer watching TV and even limiting how you use the cell phone and how much. You can also change out all the light bulbs in your home for LED bulbs, which produce a much safer field of energy. But there is new, positive technology coming out all the time to combat the negative technology. Because the Starseeds are here, they are taking a hold of the reigns of life, if you will, and creating technologies that can help limit your exposure to EMF fields. Once such technology that is new and available to the public now is called Crystal Phi technology. Crystal Phi technology uses the power of healing and protecting crystals and the comfort of organic cotton to create some interesting products.

One such product is called the Crystal Blanket. If you have not yet heard of this awesome blanket, take a look with one of the links and read up! You will be amazed at the health benefits of this blanket. The technology blocks EMF fields and created into a blanket, this product can literally be used all the time. Think about how much time you spend sitting in front of a computer, TV or just walking in your home under EMF fields. Wearing this blanket while you sit comfortable watching your favorite TV show or doing your favorite tasks on the computer can limit your exposure to those harmful fields. Wearing is like a cloak, anytime you need to be protected from some EMF fields is handy and people have committed that they wrap up in it to sleep and are getting the best sleep of their lives.

If you are trying to raise your vibration, EMF fields will always be working against you. If you are trying to heal naturally, EMF fields will always affect the quality of the healing and the speed of recovery is slower. From anxiety to depression to mental fatigue and high blood pressure, EMF fields have something to do with it all. The Crystal Blanket can help!

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