Awaken And Live Each Day With Meaning and Purpose

Warning: This blog post may anger, confuse or alienate some people. It is not meant to do so, but is instead, is tough love from the universe. The first half of this article was channeled by Master Psychic Spiritwalker on 12-23-21. This blog post may also cause immeditate enlightenment. The second half, the list, in not included in the channeling event. We were not told who the spirit was in which the words came from. However, upon examination of the content we believe this to be a channeling for the spirit usually referred to as Arch Angel Michael, one of the most powerful ascended masters in the spirit realm. Descendent of the Syrian people and one who holds the sword of battle because he is a general in the war between good and evil.

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Living each day with meaning and purpose…most of you would say, well I do…don’t I? Then it may occur to many of you that you are probably living each day with meaning and purpose, but for who’s benefit? Are you living for your benefit, your family, or are you just going through the motions because this is what you know and all you know? Maybe you realize, or not yet realized, that if you are not living each and every day with the intention of making your life or someone else’s life better, then you are missing the meaning and purpose of what you are doing. If that is so, then you should ask yourself, who’s life or lives are you making better per your own expense?

Sure, it is easy to believe that what you are doing each day is contributing to the betterment of your life or others you love, but most of you are slaves to society. You are living your life based on what others feel is best. There are some of you that are living your life based on societal standards because you falsely believe that is the right way. Is your life built from societal ideas, post-conceived ideas that were instilled in you by parents who were slaves to society or society itself? If your ideas were pre-conceived, then you would be living your entire life differently because you would be more connected to your soul and that means stronger connection to the universe and the spirit realm.

Now before you get all angry and say, well if that is how you feel about it, I will just read elsewhere. You are free to do that, but the seed has been planted and your spirit is interested. I am not here to turn anyone away with my ideas and words and awakened status. I am here to cause you to awaken and sometimes that takes truth, it always takes truth but sometimes it takes the hard truth, I call it tough love. I am simply trying to get you to think, that’s all. I fully understand what it is like to be neck deep in society and the ways of civilization. But I am also aware of why you are as you are. I understand deeper and know it is not your fault.

I am here to tell you you’ve been tricked, brainwashed, and taught things that benefit people and things you do not know. Yea it sounds sinister because it is. My question is, if the power of the people is the strongest when it comes to any challenge, why then is it not strong enough to cause complete change to the system that has enslaved humanity? I just want you to understand that if you are not living each day with meaning and purpose, then there is no reason to live and that this “meaning and purpose” needs to be all inclusive and as it is, usually…it isn’t. You are more than a human being, flesh and blood, bones, and sinew.

You are a light being that has been put to sleep and it is time to wake up! You are not here to benefit those who do not care about you, which is what all of society is built for. You are here to better yourself and that does not mean driving the fastest, flashiest car and living in the most expensive and largest home while wearing the most in style clothing. It does not mean having the largest bank account. In fact, all that money you think you own, you don’t. The bank owns that and that is exactly who owns you. But you can break away from that. All you must do is awaken and realize you’ve been lied too. You are here to empower your spirit, mind, and the body will follow.

You should be living each and every day feeding what matters, your soul, that mind and awakening everyone you can get your hands on, there is a better way to live! The powers that be do not want you to awaken because if enough of you awaken those powers will be powerless and they know this. So, it is in their best interest to keep you suppressed and asleep, ignorant, and controlled. Every day you should be feeding that mind and soul, that is ALL you will take with you when you die, therefore it is all that matters. If you want to live your days with meaning and purpose and you have others that rely on you, awaken them too!

Until you do, they will have no idea what you are doing and will not understand that what you are doing is for them. Teach your family that they are more than a body to be used by society and those that would seek to keep you asleep. Teach them that there is a better way to exist and coexist and that we can all come together and awaken and be the most powerful entity on earth. Money, power, greed, these things will get you nothing but a higher status in a society that means nothing! Yes, they have built your world so that you need lots of money and that begins the pyramid affect as to what has become of your life. Do you spend time in meditation, everyday?

Do you eat healthy food that is nutrient packed and feeds the mind, soul as well as the body? Do you spend time teaching your children truth over what they are being taught in that government-controlled school room every day? Are you letting society build your children for you, so they become the next generation of sleepwalkers? It is true that we are in the biggest state of spiritual evolution this planet will ever see. It is true, spiritual awakening is happening on a level never before seen. But it is also true that the battle to keep you asleep is also ramping up. Look around you, things seem certain ways, but have you ever asked, what is real and what is not?

Just because you are told something does not mean it is true. You are being manipulated and controlled using fear-based tactics, one of the oldest tricks in the book! Things are not what they seem but as long as you believe in it, then it is. The grocery stores have been replacing their stock with items that are controlled by the spiritual side of the universe because there is an army of beings here on this planet that is facilitating the changeover. More and more organic and non-genetically modified foods are being brought in, more and more plant-based eating is being instilled and all this is so that humanity does not cease to exist. Spiritual beings oversee this.

You must evolve, or you will cease to exist, there is no if, and’s or but’s about it. Those that awaken and go back to the old ways and follow the old ways will continue to flourish and be better for it. Whether you choose to believe in it or not, there is a spiritual war taking place and always has been, but now we are at the height of it and survival of humanity is at stake. Will you continue to live as a puppet of will you open your spiritual eyes, come into the power that is there suppressed in you and live each day with true meaning and purpose? For those of you that want to live each day with more meaning and purpose here are six ways in which to make that happen.


Upon waking set your intention to connect with God/Source, or whatever term you prefer to call the creator source. Spending just 5 minutes each morning will set you up for the whole day. A good technique to use is called, “breath to connect”. When you use this technique it is important to understand, concentration is the key. To begin, breath into the count of 4, then hold your breath. Now concentrate on any feelings you get, then exhaling out of your mouth for a count of 4. You should repeat this process at least 4 times, or as many times as you feel comfortable doing. You may also prefer to do a 20-minute meditation, instead.


Try not to get stuck or overwhelmed with what you have do for the day. In fact, that means you are living in the future. Do something to keep yourself moving throughout the day, a steady comfortable pace, not hurried and always thinking ahead. Divide up the things you need to get accomplished and conquer your tasks one at a time. It is best to divide the things you need to get done into manageable steps. One step at a time you can accomplish what you need to get done.  You will discover this is a secret that will allow you more time, seemingly. In Japanese this is called “Retsu”, mastery of space and time. Ask yourself, what do you need to accomplish today? What’s on your to do lists? Now do only those things.

Energy flows where energy goes. If you lose focus, take a moment to concentrate on your breath and re-center yourself to get back on track. This is mindfulness practice and works.


It takes more energy when we resist to do the things we don’t like to do, then doing them. Have a skip in your step, go about your day with happiness and a smile. You will feel better overall, and smiles are attractive and contagious. Allow your positive energy to spill over onto everyone you meet during the day, your negative karma will dilute some and you might even make someone’s day. Be passionate in whatever you are doing. It is important to like what you are doing, find the love in what you are responsible for and learn to see the silver lining around each thing that raises uncertainty.

It is understood that if you grin and bear it, your day will go by much faster, you will be more prosperous and others around you will see you as a positive influence in their lives, which is great for making positive connections in life. Love what you do, if you cannot do something else and you cannot find the love in what you do, then maybe you can find a way to make what you do more interesting. But understand that you should not base your life on doing something, such as a career in business, just for the money or to follow some family tradition.


Be aware of your thoughts and feelings, while remaining balanced. Be in the moment and be mindful of all you do, throughout the day. From your very breath to your very step, you should be aware of all your body is doing. This means actually thinking about something, such as a step or while grabbing a cup handle. Don’t let you mind wonder off into left field on all the tasks, and do not let it sabotage your progress by straying off topic into a thought field that has nothing to do with what you need to accomplish. But do not be overcritical, just stop, allow it a moment, and then take control and bring your focus back to the thing at task.

The Ego tends to try to sabotage any progress. Always work to suppress the ego and control when it is needed and when it is not. When you have a moment in your day, use that to remain still and close your eyes and focus on your breathing alone. This is known as mindfulness of breathing meditation and will help you to calm and re-center your mind so that you are not overwhelmed with whatever needs to get done.


You have free will to choose how your day will be. So, if you wake and decided to have a good day, usually that is what happens. Those who wake and dread the day will manifest a day that they are not happy with. So, keep your mind free and chose to think positively about your day to make it a great day. If we are stressed and worried, then that will be the energy of the day. Remember, you are your thoughts, whatever sort of day you desire, manifest it and it will become reality. If you’re not passionate or loving what you do. Choose again. Make some changes, life does not have to be this way because you are free to choose.

The idea is to be happy in what you are doing, if not, then no matter how lucrative the job, it is not worth your unhappiness. Are you there for the money only? It doesn’t matter. As we are all creators of our own destiny you must understand that you create your day, your life even, with your mind and attitude. Whatsoever you shall manifest it shall be, always strive to have positive thoughts to have a positive day.


Having a sense of Gratitude helps to see what is there instead of, what isn’t. This has so many benefits.

  • Shields you from negativity
  • Rewires your brain
  • Eliminates stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts self-esteem and performance
  • Enhances the law of attraction
  • Improves relationships

Simply taking some tome to write down all you are thankful for will allow you to realize just how grateful you should be. Reading back over your list of great things to be grateful for is one way to change how you view your life and the world. When things are not going well and you know it is affecting your mental attitude you can pull your list out, read through it and realize you still have a lot to be thankful for. Just because something does not work out does not mean it was meant not to, it could simply be timing and will come to pass a bit later. Even science has linked a positive attitude with better overall health, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually and physically. So, by following these steps daily it will bring you more peace, harmony, and joy. It will also allow each day to flow better, which will increase your productivity and joy in life.

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