7 Ways To Rid Your Life Of Negative Energy 

Negative energy can come from all sorts of people, places, things, and events. In fact, anything can create negative energy in your atmosphere and when it comes you have the option to live with it or clear it. Clearing negative energy is easier than you may think. Here are 7 clearing techniques to give negative energy to the boot.

Sage Smudging

When it comes to using smoke as a clearing tool you cannot use anything stronger and with more history than white Sage. Sage has been used for clearing negative energy for thousands of years. Burning a wand of dried white sage and allowing the smoke to permeate the area is a surefire way to clear negative energy. As the smoke from the burning sage permeates every corner of your living space you can feel a difference in the “weight” of the energy. Along with burning the sage and allowing the smoke to purify the area you can add chanting certain mantras that will also influence the energy. Something as simple as, “I dispel this negative energy,” is all you need to chant for it to be effective. We have written blogs in the past using different herbs for smudging.

Salt purifying

For centuries salt has been used to clear negative energy as well as protect areas from even being affected by negativity. All you need to do is use pure salt, use a chant as you sprinkle the salt around the areas you want to protect or purify, making sure to concentrate on physical entrances to your living space. Areas such as window seals and doorways will need extra protection or dispelling. To do this all you have to do is use a little more salt than when you sprinkle. You want a line of salt as if it is a border to the energy, placed across the doorway or window frame. Salt can be used to sprinkle like a priest sprinkles holy water. You can also use the pink Himalayan salt lamps. One in every room is a great idea.

Chant and Mantra Clearing

There are several chants and mantras that are usually paired with meditation music or binaural beats that can be left to play in the space you want to clear, all day, and the magic will do its thing. Alternatively, if you want to increase the effectiveness of the chant or mantra music, simply walkabout, and chant the sounds yourself. When you are walking about chanting, you want to make sure your mind is set to dispel the negative energy. The attitude should be like you are superior to the negative energy and are not afraid and are forcing it to dispel. Mindset, when using chant and mantra, is especially important. Allowing the music to play all day is a powerful way to make sure your area is always protected and clear of all negative energy.

Incense and Spice Burning

Incense has been used to permeate inside areas and prepare them for ceremonies and even protection for thousands of years. Scents such as cedar, Nag Champa, and frankincense have special dispelling and healing qualities. People have always been drawn to these specific scents. Burning these scents in the space you want to protect or dispel bad energy from will work very well. So, burning incense all the time is a particularly effective way to keep the area constantly prepped for later when you really need it burning.

Holy Water

Now the word holy is really used by those in the religious fields. However, you can call it whatever feels comfortable to you. Some people like to use the term, “blessed water,” instead. This is purified water that is prayed over or chanted over or in some way blessed. To create a special type of water that is full of positive and healing energy. After creating a batch of blessed water, then it is used just like salt. Simply use the water in a spray bottle or sprinkler bottle.

Sprinkle or spray the water on surfaces and the floor or ground to purify the negative energy. You may also spray the water into the air, but this does not have the same effect as the smoke. In fact, a powerful technique is to use the blessed water on surfaces while the incense or sage is burning. That is because the smoke will stick to the wet surface.


Healing crystals, protection crystals, power crystals, energy-dispelling crystals…these special stones have been used for ages to dispel bad energy, protect from negativity, and heal. In fact, there is an entire practice devoted to the use of crystals for these reasons. Quartz crystal has been used as a protection against negative energies as crystals such as tourmaline and amethyst have been used to dispel negative energies and energy that is considered sickening. Other crystals also have similar effects, but most crystals can be used for a variety of things, and do not have just one individual use. Placing these crystals in similar locations as you would salt, such as over doorways, on window seals, under pillows, on shelves, etc, are the correct way of using your crystals to protect and dispel negative energy.

Reiki Symbols

Reiki has its origins in ancient times. Today it has become quite popular with many groups of people. Natural healing comes to mind when you think of reiki, but reiki also can be used to heal space, improve water and food, and even for protection from illness. Reiki practice involves three main symbols that can be used to direct the Reiki energy by drawing those symbols where you need the energy to do its work. These reiki symbols can be drawn with oil, or water onto surfaces or just your finger and intention. You can also purchase reiki symbols that can hang in your space as home décor, or it can be as simple as drawing the symbols on paper and placing the paper into areas where you wish to dispel negative energy or improve protection from bad energies.

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