Tuning Into Ourselves and the Full Moon

“The moon is the reflection of your heart and moonlight is the twinkle of your love”

Debasish Mridha

Since the beginning of humanity’s existence, the moon has been revered to be a miraculous wonder. The way the moon calms us, it’s energetic flow, it’s light beaming down and lighting the nocturnal world, is something that feels infinite to us all.

Every full moon that we encounter is a new opportunity for us to reflect back on what we have done to manifest that which we desire, and reminds us of what no longer feels right for us to carry moving forward. You see it everywhere, “that which no longer serves us”. How do we determine then, what is worth keeping? Tuning into ourselves. Listening to our intuition. But what if we have difficulty doing that? Who or what do we turn to? Here’s a few tips to get started if this is your first time or are getting reacquainted.

  • Dedicate at least 20 minutes away from technology to gather your thoughts
  • Setting is everything: Make sure the space you use is a peaceful one
  • Candles, aromatherapy, dim lighting, ambience music are all great to help us center ourselves
  • Breathing techniques: intentional inhalation and exhalation helps us with focusing on the present
  • Sit or lay comfortably. This will ensure that we don’t get distracted away from the present moment

As you begin to relax and breathe into the present moment, think about the last week or the last month. What actions have you taken to get closer to the manifestations that you seek? Have those actions been aligning with the words you speak? If they haven’t, ask yourself why that is. Perhaps you’ve been busy with mundane tasks and responsibilities. Perhaps, your current schedule doesn’t truly allow for anything other than duties as a mother, father, grandparent, educator, policeman, clerk, etc. Whatever it may be, ask yourself this: When was the last time I set time for myself? Be truthful in your answer. Your true self won’t allow any other answer regardless of what you may feel about it either way.

In other words, in silence and reflection, the answers you seek will come to the surface and despite any feeling attached to it, the truth does not change. The variable that changes is our mindset and how we choose to perceive things. So again, what is your truth? Keep in mind that any feelings of guilt, shame, doubt, are all part of the human experience, so don’t indulge too long in them. What’s important is what you choose to do with the discomfort of that truth should that be your case. During your time of reflecting, allow all emotions to be welcomed and let go. This, I believe, is one of the best forms of self acceptance.

Be gentle with yourself during this process, especially if you’re new to it. Write down any thoughts or even images that come to mind during this time. Write down what you would like to let go of, whether it’s a bad habit, way of thinking, or even a specific person who you intuitively feel isn’t good your well-being. Take your time and do it with grace and patience and as the full moon shines down on us tonight, thank her for the energy that she provides and take comfort in knowing that regardless of our path, her light will illuminate the right way towards conscious living.

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