5 ways to develop and trust your intuition

Awakening your spiritual Self

Have you, at any point, felt something was wrong, or have you felt a specific path you should take in your daily life? Possibly you felt cautious at a specific moment or felt uneasy around somebody that you did not know? Most people call this your intuition, but I will tell you that it is more than that. We all have a spirit guide, and that guide is your intuition. So, this is your spirit guide assisting you. How should you learn to trust and respond to your intuition? Having the ability to trust your intuition is incredible, above all, you have to learn how to develop that trust as well as how to open that intuition up more. The very next time you have a moment like this begin to trust your intuition, you will realize when you are becoming more attuned to it, and how it can help you with specific circumstances. Let’s start by learning what our intuition is and how we can become more Intune with it.

Our intuition is often referred to as our ‘ internal voice’ or ‘inward thinking’ and, as referenced beforehand, our ‘spirit guide’ or just a ‘hunch’. It tends to be depicted as when you know something right away or have a solid idea about whatever is happening as it is happening. A lot of people are uncertain of tuning in to their intuition as they would prefer to stop and legitimize things, which can be useful, yet some of the time not all that supportive and certainly not the spiritual path. We can use our nature to keep away from dangerous circumstances, or just to address general inquiries we may have, for example, “Is this a good person I am coming into contact with?” or “Is this a good idea to drive this direction, even though I do it every day?”

“Should I continue to trust the person I am with even though I feel something is off?” and so on. Your intuition is an incredible tool to learn to use, so it’s important that you awaken it as much as you can. It is great to learn how to make your intuition work for you so that on a daily basis you are “intuitive driven.” People, in general, will that it’s too hard or impossible to tune in to their intuition and rather attempt to rationalize everything. People feel that they understand what is best for themselves, which is the reason their intuition should be their closest companion. Here are 5 different ways you can awaken your intuition so you can use it to its fullest potential.

  • Mindfulness Meditation- Meditating on your breathing, for 10-20 minutes daily will really help you with clearing your mind, which will enable you to be more Intune with your intuition. Essentially, meditating also encourages you to get into an unmistakable and uplifting mood and mindset. When you are meditating, you are additionally likely to encounter ideas and thoughts that you wouldn’t regularly have as you have different things going on in your daily life. This enables you to concentrate on more profound thoughts. Focus on these thoughts and feelings through your meditation, or after, and clear your mind of any stresses, over reasoning, or negative thoughts you may have. This will make it simpler to awaken your intuition and learn to trust it.
  • Keep Intuitive Notes- A diary is always useful when you are trying to remember your intuitive feelings. Record whatever comes to your mind, regardless of how small or outrageous it might seem. You could also record thoughts about yourself, for example, “How am I feeling today, or about this circumstance?”, make sure to record what the answers are. Doing this is useful, as you can think about these moments later on, anytime. Having a composed collection of your thoughts and feelings, particularly those that originate from your intuition, is such a great intuition workout, that will enable you to become closer to trusting your intuition. Overall, you are growing your connection with your spirit guide.
  • Live Life Mindful- Being constantly mindful of the present can be the best thing that you can accomplish for yourself and your intuition. If you are concentrating on things that have occurred in the past, it can raise torment and self-blame, which is never good. Stresses can obstruct your thoughts and give you a negative attitude towards everyone and everything in life, as does worrying a lot over your future and things you can’t control. Try and be completely present throughout everyday life, this encourages you to be in a happy, uplifting mood and can help you with developing your intuition. You can concentrate on your thoughts and feelings that you are having at the present time, and not stress over things you can’t change or that have not even taken place yet.
  • Always Remain Positive- You should make sure that you are in a good mood and brimming with positive energy, so you are in the best position to listen to your guide. Being around antagonistic individuals can make your energy drop or become negative, which can make you have a personality that many people will be turned off with. Loving your life and yourself can be extremely useful to grow your intuition. Make sure that you encircle yourself with constructive individuals and positive energy, as a permanent way of existing around others. That way you should realize it’s a lot simpler to connect with your intuition since you will be in a positive and uplifting mindset.
  • Reconnect and Spend Time Often in Nature- Also known as “one of the best ways to raise your vibration”, the forest is always a serene place where you can clear your mind and make progress towards a different way of living than from the hurried way of city life. Try turning OFF your cell phone and heading into the forest, concentrating on everything that is around you. This will help as much as meditation does, as you can clear your mind and focus on being in the present. In doing this, you will most likely strengthen your intuition and begin using it to its maximum ability. Anytime that you can leave the city life and get 100% away from machines, you will find that everything about your intuition wakes up. It is proven that constantly living under an electromagnetic field (EMF) will suppress your spiritual side, including, and potentially the most…your intuition. In case you didn’t know, if you live in society, you are constantly in an EMF field.

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