Earth Angels, What They Are and What They Do

You’ve no doubt heard the terms, Angel, Earth Angel, Light Worker, and spirit guide, and probably many more similar terms if you are interested in any area of the metaphysical topic. Some people would say that earth angels are the same as lightworkers and some would tell you the deeper details as to what makes them different and stand their ground on their belief that they are the same, I would say, they are both right. Because it doesn’t really matter your belief as long as you understand that earth angels and lightworkers are the same because if all beings are the same, if all people are the same, then even beings of light are the same. But technically earth angels and lightworkers have similar jobs although from two very different realms. 

As an earth angel you will cross over in doing some of the work of a lightworker and as a lightworker, you will do some angel work as well. It’s just how it is, the two are very similar and the two are actually the same but with different sets of skills and abilities and physical embodiment’s. A lightworker was once an angel then incarnated into human form to be a lightworker. As an angel, the being has more abilities and a slightly different job. As a lightworker, the angelic abilities and radiating light diminish greatly. Earth angels are from the spirit/angelic realm. They are here as lightworkers doing the work of a lightworker. But let’s talk about when they are still in the spirit realm, what are their roles? Who do you think gives you those dreams of premonition? 

What about seeing those “angel numbers”, who send those messages to you? If you have ever stepped out of the way of a moving car right before you were run over because for some unknown reason you dropped your cell phone as you left the sidewalk and turned just enough away to be safe as you reached to pick up the phone, then you’ve experienced the work of an earth angel. A lightworker could have warned you about a day when danger might be in your path a day ahead, but only an earth angel could have manifested such a setup that would save your life in that way. Earth angels give us dreams, numbers, visions all to try and get our attention because a message waits. 

Some cultures refer to earth angels as spirit guides. In the Native American tradition, for instance, spirit guides are grand beings that exist in the angelic realm but have total access to your life for guidance and protection. When we walk the path of life we are set on this path well before we are born as human babies. That path is walked by us with free will. This means we can stray, if you will, from our life path. We are all on our own paths but we can all decide to follow a path that comes off our life path for many reasons. Human beings sometimes are drawn to greed, money, power, riches, and fortune as well as a host of other things similar. Although not usually part of our life path, those things tend to look interesting.  

It is our earth angel or spirit guide that is tasked with the job of placing things in that path to try and divert us a different way all along trying to lead us back in the direction our life path goes. Earth angels will place things in your paths such as rewards and hardships. Each thing has a very big role. If we are walking our life path properly the rewards are meant to keep us moving in that general direction. If we stray and follow a side path that is not too good for us, the hardships are to try and force us into turning around or diverting us from a dangerous path. Because we are talking about a guide, and because humans are born with free will, all the earth angel can do is direct us using ways that end up ultimately being a decision we make ourselves.  

Our guides cannot tell us what to do or make us do anything directly, the rewards and stumbling blocks are indirect guidance. Some people have learned to travel into the spirit realm using drumming, trance, meditation, etc. In the spirit realm, we can see earth angels and possibly learn who our angel is. Each of us has an angel that watches over us in this way and protects us when needed. We can learn to communicate with the earth angel and even learn what name the angel wants to be known by, to you. If we are pure in our asking and curiosity and for the reason of awakening and really want to work 1 on 1 with our guide, it can be done. 

Because Earth Angels would have- 

  • Worked to create the life path and soul contract with the being before they were reincarnated. 
  • Helped the soul to find the perfect family to reincarnate into. 
  • Guided beings, so they could fulfill and understand their life path and life lessons. 
  • Worked with humans on a more subconscious level through their dreams, meditations etc. 
  • Sent reinforcements of their life path through angel numbers and other subtle signs. 
  • Given physical protection and divine healing when needed. 

The earth angel is the perfect guide for you as you walk your current path as a human being and can be considered a partner to the lightworkers that are walking the planet going about looking for you so they can offer their spiritual wisdom and guidance that was imparted to them when they were in their higher form as an earth angel. Isn’t the universe just awesome! 

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