How To Strengthen & Protect Your Energy Field

We are all sensitive to the universal, cosmic energy (even when we are not aware of it), and you are most likely experiencing intense energy and changes right now. For all of us, the last few years have been and will continue to be an energy journey. Whether or not you believe that everything above us affects us, there are still things shifting and impacting our energy fields. As we continue to open ourselves up to our sensitivities and increased awareness, some common side effects include taking on other people’s energy or becoming overwhelmed in groups.

Many people ask, “how can I keep myself from taking on other people’s energy?” or, “whenever I am around a group of people, I end up feeling so drained.” They always want to try to find a way to resolve these issues because they can become so overwhelming and this begins to affect your life mentally, physically, and even spiritually. Maintaining our auric field is especially important for those of us who live in densely populated cities. We are all energy workers; if you didn’t already know that, congratulations, you have just been initiated!

We are always contributing to the energy of a space and those who share it with us. That is why it is our responsibility to keep a high vibration within ourselves and to take action to keep healthy boundaries in our daily lives. Making changes to the people and environments in which you spend your time is one way to keep your energy field strong and vibrant. Begin to remove toxicity from your life wherever you can. A golden key to charging and protecting your energy field is to surround yourself with people who fill you with energy and live consciously. Please keep in mind, however, that there is a significant difference between toxic and challenging people.

Here are some tools you can use to maintain your energy field that will help you no matter what environment you are in.

1. Keep Your Core Strong

The core (our solar plexus chakra) is located in the center of our body, in the middle of our home. When you maintain a healthy physical body with a strong core, you can sustain your energy for longer periods of time and radiate a stronger energy field. When you are radiating your energy, it is easier to stay in your own energy rather than taking on the energy of others, especially lower frequency energies.

2. Run White Light from Your Feet to the Top of Your Head

Allow yourself to become rooted in a spot with your bare feet before leaving the house for the day (if you can do this on grass or sand, even better). Closing your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize a bright white light at your feet. When you see this light, allow it to run all the way to the crown of your head and then back down with each breath. Continue to move the light up and down your body until you feel it radiate. Continue to do this until you feel full of white positive energy.

3. Crystal Carrying

Carrying crystals and stones with you is an excellent way to work with your energy. There are thousands of different types of crystals, and you can choose the one that is best for you in your current situation. Crystals do have personalities of their own. We have several other blogs available to help you become acquainted with specific crystals. It is always best to listen to your intuition about what you are being called to do, and if possible, choose your crystal in person based on how it feels in your hands.

Some great crystals to work with specifically for protection are:

  • Black tourmaline: helps repel lower energies
  • Labradorite: helps protect from psychic attack and ill wishes placed upon you
  • Jet: clears internalized emotions (great for empaths)
  • Clear Quartz: also known as the “master healer and protector”. It is well known that clear quartz amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. It’s also said to aid in concentration and memory loss. Physically, clear crystals are claimed to help stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body.

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4. Smudge

Smudging is the ritual of bathing in the smoke of a sacred cleansing plant, such as sage or mugwort. It is an ancient ritual practiced by many cultures around the world. The essence of these plants’ smoke will help to cleanse the energy in the space around you, clearing any energies that are incompatible with you. When getting ready for the day, incorporate smudging into your routine to help you return to a blank canvas and create a protective shield. Because our words have great power, saying out loud your intentions when smudging can be beneficial, especially when first starting with these practices. When smudging, a good practice is to:

  • Light the smudging wand, calling out to the Highest Power to work with you in purifying your space and surroundings.
  • Beginning at your head, cupping one hand (or using a sacred feather) to help the smoke bathe you, calling out “may I think clearly.”
  • Moving to your eyes and third eye chakra, calling out “may I see clearly.”
  • Move to your throat and calling out “may I speak only my truth.”
  • Then at the heart space, “may I be present with an open heart and a state of love.”
  • Move to the belly (which is the location of the solar plexus), “may I have the strength to be fearlessly me.”
  • Down to a couple inches below the belly button (the sacral chakra location), “may I express my emotions, creativity, and relations with others with love and highest good of all”.
  • Using the smudge and bathing the smoke around the base of the spine (root chakra), “may I remain grounded and fully present in the now.”
  • Continue to cover the rest of your body with the smoke, staying focused on the intentions you are setting for the day. Your mind and intentions will create your day.

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As a collective, we are currently experiencing rapid expansion and growth. It can be overwhelming at times, be gentle with yourself. Fatigue, headaches, hearing high-pitched sounds and seeing flashes of light are all common side effects of new levels of awakening. Everything is wonderful; just go with the flow; you are safe and secure. Cleanse yourself and your surroundings regularly. Always keep yourself safe. Believe in your intuition as well as the power of the Universe.

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