5 Ways to spiritually & quickly draw money to you

#1- Be Grateful

Gratitude is the most powerful spiritual law of money and riches. When you show gratitude to the Universe because of what you’ve already been given, it happily responds by allowing you more. Being grateful is a powerful way to attract money spiritually. Be thankful for the funds and riches you already have and the places and ways that you get your money. Be grateful every day, all the time and for all that you already have! No matter how you say thanks make it known. Prayer, talking to your spirit guide, talking to other people about it, writing it down even. Just voice the thankfulness you have and be grateful.

#2- Manifestation

Manifestation is actually a combination of steps that equal about three. First you make your mindset about the very amount of money you need or the very item you want. Make your intention known to the Universe by talking to your spirit guide. Then you need to focus on what you are trying to manifest. Allow the power of manifestation to begin in your life. The truth is, whatever you focus on real hard, will start being attracted or manifested to you. However, be wise, intention is very important when it comes to manifesting so make sure your intentions are not selfish or negative. Understand how manifestation works, it doesn’t just mean you are believing when everything is going great and when things become sour you fail to believe. It means believing all the time, even in the face of a bad day. In fact, even when you are having a bad day remind yourself that you should acknowledge that we all have bad days and that they do not last. They come and go. And because of this we can see all bad days as just another day instead of “a bad day”. Do this, keep a positive mindset even when you are experiencing that occasional bad day and say aloud that you are having a great day. Manifestation is all about the mind, make it so and never let anything stop you from getting what the universe says you are due.

#3 Don’t Restrict The Money’s Energy

The natural existence of money is that it needs to be circulated to exist. This is the spiritual law of money and also the very idea of the economy. So, pay whatever you are expected to without feeling negative – expecting to get back more money than you have paid out. Allow the money to go into charities such as paying tithes, any kind act like feeding the hungry or helping someone in need using cash. In perspective, if you do the opposite with money you are restricting the money’s energy. What you are really doing is allowing for congestion or holding back the circulation of money. It’s like being selfish or a hoarder. When you hold what is not yours in the first place and do not allow the universe this money to reward and help others then you are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. This is why It is so bad. Also, if you understand it is also the same as saying you do not trust the universe. In a sense you don’t if you are worrying about where the next dollar will come from. So, it is important to show how trusting you are and that you have faith in how things work. It also helps your own mind out when you are not fearful of letting hard earned money go while believing it will come back to you. All this together plays a major role in the manifesting of financial freedom into your life as well as anything you want to believe in.

#4 Be Thankful For Those Who Have Extended Any Form Of Service To You

It is quite awesome that your services companies like electricity, water internet, cable etc. give you a credit at all. For one month you enjoyed their services and only then…they send the bill to you. So, show respect for the services you were given, and ask the universe that you and your loved ones will continue to be happy about what each payout stands for. Continuing in the same mind frame, pay what you owe on time and completely. It is hard to say well I do not have much and so when I send it out I have less. But the overall idea is that it will come back to you. The question is, will it simply return as you have sent it out or will it come back to you more than what went out. Again, be happy, faithful and thankful but show it in all you do. Being a cheerful giver makes you feel better, it looks good to those that may be watching and therefore could be helping them too. It looks good to those that have extended their services to you before payment and makes them happy and makes them trust you more therefore possibly increasing the benefits in the future.

#5 Generosity and Giving To Others

When you change your mental focus from the mindset of lacking and with limits to the mindset of generosity, you raise your vibration. This gets you ready to receive more from the universe. The greatest way to do this is to help others in need and who are more in need that even you. You can help these people using money or by providing some form of service. It may be for one person or a whole group of people or family. The universe does not see the size of contributions, just that you are generous and giving and helping and not restricting the flow of universal energy that is used by money, love, healing…all things. We have all heard of what we send out returns to us, but it can return three-fold or more too. All we have to do is show that we are happy, grateful and helpful and in sending out the money to those that need it more we are also showing the universe that we trust it. This is got to be the greatest belief system; it has been around since ages before now. Long ago people learned that giving is way more prosperous than hoarding and being selfish, and the truth does not just lie in service but in our finances too. So, help where you can even if it seems you need the money. You will be satisfied in knowing what you did to help others and in time you will see this manifest in greater rewards for you.

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