How To Go To The Spirit Realm And Contact Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides, we all have one. Some people call them guardian angels, some call them guides, some call them intuition or conscious. But our spirit guide is a light being that exists in the 5th dimension. Some call the 5th heaven, some call it the spirit realm, but it is the place where we all originate from and all eventually end up back at, when our time as mortal beings are done. As humans most of you all have forgotten who you really are, what you have agreed too upon reincarnation back on earth and what you are supposed to be doing. But that is all part of becoming mortal again. If we remembered any of our originality it would no doubt interfere with normal life as a human being, as we were growing up.

The benefits of learning who your spirit guide is are immense. Our lives take on a whole other meaning and life becomes worth living! Reason being, is because knowing our spirit guide means we have opened the third eye, and that we have ascended into a higher conscious state. Being in this awakened state naturally brings awareness into everything else such as, our purpose and who we really are inside this human shell. So the question you are wondering about is how to get into contact with your spirit guide. Well in all actuality you have to go to the spirit realm for actual contact. Do not confuse a constant connection with your guide as actual contact, this is uniquely different. Going into the spirit realm takes immense concentration and sometimes months of practice, but well worth it all. There are a few different methods; I will be talking about using the Shamanic Trance method.

Basically you need to enter a Shamanic trance state which is a deep state of meditation. For beginners, it is best to use a guided meditation a few times to practice and then you will have the hang of it to practice on your own. Always use headphones and always get relaxed and set the environmental mood. Candles, incense, heat, comfort and quiet all have to be reality to make the transition into the spirit realm easiest. YouTube offers some pretty great choices for guided Shamanic meditation using Shamanic drumming, which is a must. But you can also purchase good Shamanic drumming music to be used every time you want to enter the spirit realm. There are guided meditations for this, but the best set up seems to be simply, Shamanic drumming music which can last for 30-60 minutes.

Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down on a comfortable place. Put on your headphones and turn on your drumming or guided sounds. Close your eyes and relax. Let the sound of the drums take you into a trance/meditation, which happens pretty easily, and that is why Shamanic drumming works! If you are using a guided meditation, follow the guide and enter the spirit realm. You will know you are there when you begin to see visions and experience what most would refer to as hard to explain feelings and what seems to be visions or events. You may find yourself walking down an ancient forest path or standing on a strange far off rocky cliff or maybe sitting by a campfire. From this point if your spirit guide chooses to make contact, they will, and they could take any form, which could be strange to you or look very human. These are events that could happen to you on the first try or not until the 5th try etc.

The point is, try and try again and keep your intention set, to meet your guide. When it is the right time, your guide will choose to appear. There are many things that can be accomplished once you are in the spirit realm and if you are able to actually meet your guide. You can ask questions that will be answered by the guide, you may see visions that will give answers to life questions, even those you never even think of but are there subconsciously. You can gain healing on all levels, the spirit realm offers this freely just for being there, sort of like nature. You can learn your guide’s name, which is important if you want to create a connection with your guide that can become a waking constant connection. Really, the ideas are endless. The more you go to the spirit world the more the feeling of being welcome there, as opposed to a strange feeling, will develop.

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