Waking to the truth that we are all of the same energy

All of us have a common goal to give and receive love…freely.


Unfortunately, we carry baggage filled with ideas of not being good enough, not worthy or a history of rejection. We strive to live up to modern standards; we measure ourselves against the ideals of society. These ideals are illusions, but we try to maintain the facades, on social media and in our innermost relations. The notion of perfection has us locked in a prison where we have been sentenced by the toughest judge, ourselves. We grow further and further from our own truth, and the voice of unworthiness keeps talking us down. What we don’t see, when we look at others, are their own insecurities and their own fight to love up to the perfect image. See, we are not so different, as we may think.

But with our ideals anchored outside ourselves, we are forever chasing the unobtainable. If we dare to air our insecurities and take down the facade, brick by brick, we start to realize that all we really needed was to get out of the way of ourselves. We go to therapy to fix what we see as being broken. We live in fear of not being adequate and measure ourselves against other people’s facades. No one can live up to the images that we see, but we can post our self, once in a while, feeding the same construct that we really loathe. It is a deep-rooted belief, that we cannot attain the embodiment of truth, from the inside out. Instead, we seek religion for answers and societal “road maps” toward wholeness.

Stepping in the footsteps of masters of the past can only get us so far, we can only emulate their way and try to attain what they did, but we will never become them. They went their way, and you must go your own way if you want to be whole. If our goal is to strive for perfection, we have to learn to see that the only thing that is perfect is imperfection. We will make mistakes on the way, and that is perfect! We will grow and see that the mistakes carry vital life lessons that slowly, but surely, will become our most treasured gifts from life. When we learn the inherent strength that lies in vulnerability and starts to show our true colors, we will see it mirrored in the people we meet.

We start to connect on a deeper level, and we will find that our problems, thoughts, and feelings are basically the same. And then it starts feeling okay, to be you, because you start to notice similarities instead of differences. It is of no use, to try to find reason where there is none. We spend countless hours trying to grasp our shadow sides and find meaning, where there is none to find. Truth is, our facades are the source of our shadows, and the only way we can dissolve them is to dismantle our facades. Dare to be imperfect and dare to make mistakes. When we do, we reconnect with our deeper self and get in touch with the architect.

The basic intention for this universe was to create a training ground, where we can incarnate and experience polarity. Wherever you look you will see the duality expressed. Both externally and internally, we are met with the dynamic of opposites. Divine constructs such as light, electricity, and magnetism are oscillating. Man-made constructs like religion, politics, and sports could not exist without opposition. And in our bodies, it is manifested as the right and left brain hemispheres. This dynamic is the great driving force for our development, and we find ourselves in a constant struggle for balance. If we seek the balance outside of ourselves, we will never truly find it.

Like the Fibonacci sequence, closing in on phi, but never getting there. We will never find balance outside of ourselves, only closing in on it. To attain balance and become whole, we must embody phi. Walk the path least used, the middle path, the same path that the masters of the past followed, only guided by their inner compass. They went their own way, so must we. The belief that we are supposed to follow in their footsteps is a misunderstanding. To embody phi is to embrace the self, and having the courage to go against the mainstream. Accepting the past, and then letting it go. In fact, let it all go, all the fears and insecurities, because they only reflect what you aren’t.

There is the inherent beauty, in embodying phi. Because we each have our own constructs, there is unity in individuality. Our bodies are comprised of parts of different sizes and lengths, which determine the way we walk, talk and, carry ourselves. But even though we may seem different because of this, we share the golden ratio… phi. That is the secret, look beyond the constructs, and look to the holy intention that started it all. All we have to do is look into someone’s eyes, and there it is. That distant memory of unity and co-creation, that brings hope for a future worth living.

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