Has My Spirit Guide Abandoned Me?

(In this blog the words “Spirit Guide” can be interchanged with the word “God”) Sometimes you may experience a time when this question seems like the only thing that you can think of. Sometimes everything in your mind may be totally silent when before all you could hear was that leading voice of your spirit guide. Sometimes this silence could go on for a long time, days, a week. But what does it mean? Does it mean you have lost your connection to your spirit guide or maybe that your spirit guide has abandoned you? At times like this you may also feel that your guide does not really know what they are doing and that at times when you need them most the truth comes out, that truth. Well, from experience and from the connection I have to the spirit realm I am here to tell you that this thought process is wrong. Believe me, I have been there, experienced this situation many times. In the past few years, I can say I have experience this more times than is comfortable, but it has taught me just what it was meant to do…massive patience.

Yes, I am telling you to be patient. It is during this time that you are being protected from yourself. Your spirit guide does not take a break, they do not get into a position where they do not know what to do and they will never abandon you. The compassion your guide has for you is far greater than any of us could ever fathom. Believe me, you have not been forgotten and things are not out of control, as they will seem. Instead, your guide is working overtime for you and at the same time you have been temporarily blinded in order to protect you from yourself. Now I will explain what all this means. There are times in our lives where things must go according to the plan or things will be bad off in our lives, even when you cannot understand how they could be any worse. As human beings, we can choose free will. Our guides cannot stop us from this choice and can only protect us when it is part of the plan and allow us to learn a lesson when it is part of the plan.

As you can see, it is always part of the plan. No matter what takes place in our lives it is always part of the plan. Even when we feel things have gone awry, the plan is still in place. Sometimes part of the plan is a lesson needs to be learned, after all, we are only human beings in body and many of you are asleep spiritually and need to be awakened. So, because it is entirely possible you will make a wrong decision that will cause you to stray from your path, sometimes there is a need to place you temporarily in the dark while things are taken care of in the background. What I am saying is there are times when something major takes place in your life and there can be no interference from your human side. During this time, you may be place din the “dark” by your guide so they can work unhindered. I have found that this takes place mostly when there is a major event taking place or when something is about to happen that would be considered life changing or path altering…also known as a turning point in your life.

So, what are you supposed to do with seemingly no connection to your guide? You are supposed to sit quietly and wait. That is right, wait. Wait until you are no longer in the dark and are given insight as to your next move. I have learned to face the fact that my guide knows me better than I know myself. So taking that into consideration, your guide knows when to expect you to make a decision that could possibly interfere with the greater plan and has the ability to, basically, quarantine you from the decision making process. This would be done to protect you from yourself as we are all human and will make wrong decisions when we do not have the full information or cannot see the greater picture. Your spirit guide sees the entire picture of your life and is tasked with your protection as well as your teaching and guidance. This can be paired to a teacher in school who is trying to grade many papers and cannot allow interference for a few hours from students.

It can also be paired to a good parent who chooses to ground a child instead of letting them go off to a wild party where there will be drugs and alcohol and many other not so good things, until the party is over. So, wait and be silent and during this time you should be at rest, quiet and contemplating things that keep you in a position of peace. I meditate, a lot, during times like this and this is the best advice I can give anyone that is experiencing a situation like this. Because it is during this time that you will be waiting for your next move in life so in understanding that this usually means a major event will take place in your life, meditation will prepare for you whatever lies ahead, after the silence. Listen to chanting, mantra, spiritual music that feeds the soul. Burn incense, meditate a lot, many times a day, every day and that does not mean take time from your day to do so, but instead, blend it with your day. Just sitting silently, sipping a cup of relaxing Jasmine herb tea can be considered meditation. And listen, listen for when your guide gives you something again. So, no you have not been abandoned nor have you lost your connection. Your guide may just be preparing you for something else, in real life, that you will need patience for.

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