Natural Living & Your Spirit

Some people get it…ordinary “human” life is simply unnatural. Unnatural is not compatible with the spirit, which is, by nature, a light being. YOU are a light being having a human trip, not the other way around. What other way, you might ask. You are not a human being hoping for a spiritual trip. If you are not in the right mindset then you are deceived into believing you are who you think you are. By nature, the mind is reset upon reincarnation, otherwise, the lessons and missions we are paired with within each life may be impacted negatively. If we remember everything, from every life, how would a lesson be possible?

But how are we meant to live? Well, natural of course! All-natural. Take for instance how we are brought back into this world…as an example. As natural as we could be. We are meant to feed, as infants, on mother’s milk…not powdered chemical makeups of “milk”. Not cows milk, not any other animal milk except our own species. We are meant to eat organic food, or as your grandparents and their parents used to call it…food, real food. Not food sprayed with chemicals and genetically modified to become its own bug repellent (pesticide plant). Not some fake food created in a laboratory. We are meant to consume real, clean, organic food. We are not meant to eat tons and tons of meat, especially unhealthy meats…such as cows and chickens raised on growth hormones.

It’s the same with all modern-day medicine. We are not meant to put all those chemicals into our bodies. For 1000’s years’ people have healed themselves. Everything from pneumonia to blood poison to cancer…YES cancer, using plants from the earth and good, clean, healthy food grown on the earth, in good, clean, fertile soil. If they wanted to use a fertilizer, even that was natural (dead fish for example). Yes, there are seemingly “good” reasons for all that is being done, well take the number of people on the earth for example, but that does not mean those reasons are legitimate.

There are inside, hidden disguised reasons that are more real than what they are telling the public (“oh we can not feed everyone on organic food…”) Yes modern medicine has its place, but that place is not in healing and maintaining the population of sick people… its place is in saving lives, plain and simple! In actuality, I want to see the medical industry revamped, restructures, rethought, and just about any other word with “re” in front of it. As a Shaman, I’ve been a medicine man for over 30 years. I have personally healed hundreds, if not more, of all sorts of issues using nothing but natural medicine.

Now that the point has been delivered I will share with you the reason for this blog. Starseeds come to change, rebuild, teach, repopulate and, awaken the masses. This massive change is all about ushering in a spiritual evolution for the planet and its inhabitants. Humanity is changing! The world is changing! And the Starseeds are here to make sure it is successful. Many, MANY, clients come to us on a weekly basis asking questions that I can personally pair 100% with the current awakening. I also get many more clients who ask me and other advisors why certain things are taking place in their bodies and also how they can help usher in the spiritual change they have embraced already.

One of the major things I tell everyone…”you have to live a natural life”. GMO’s (genetically modified food), chemical meds, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, dirty food, malnourished food…among the most popular, these things that many people put into their bodies suppress the spiritual side. They stunt your health and that, in turn, has an effect on your mental health, and overall the spiritual side is suppressed. It’s because these things are unnatural and are not compatible with the spirit.

“Good health is great, but it doesn’t make a lot of money”


If you want to awaken, if you want to help your spiritual side graduate to a higher plane, if you want to awaken your psychic abilities, that many of you are born with, you have to live a very natural life. This means you may have to rethink your entire lifestyle. You may have to move out of the dirty, crowded, stressful city, you may have to move out of that big fancy, expensive house, you may have to let the ego die and suppress the pride some. It means you may have to quit old habits and change how you talk and think and believe… it works for most people. For those who have not been living an all-natural way of life, there is much to be done if you are serious about awakening and learning.

We have to get away from this idea that more and more technology and electricity are made from fossil fuels that are pulled from the ground, and that there is a pill for every ill, and that hard work to get real food and natural surroundings, is the right way to live! Herbs should be a part of your daily lives, herbal teas are food for the soul. It is a natural medicine that is used as a healing device as well as preventive maintenance for the mind and body. Real food, planted based foods, dairy-free foods, humanely raised clean meats (sparingly), foods from the woods (mushrooms, herbs, roots, seeds, plants), food grown in nutritious soil, working with the hands, clean tobacco (for those who wish to partake), chemical-free clothing, food, surroundings…it ALL has to happen.

In order to sum up what I am saying here if you are seeking enlightenment, awakening, psychic abilities, divine health, connection with your spirit guide, and many other events such as these, you have to live a very natural life and ordinary, everyday, “run of the mill”, human life is anything but natural. We, you, are more than you have been told. There is more to life than you have been led to believe. It’s time for you to awaken and change and allow the universe to show you who you really are and what you are meant to be doing here.

It’s either that or we are doomed to that cycle of -life, suffering, death, rebirth- AKA: Samsara. Those who awaken and expend all their karma will not reincarnate as human or animal on any of the countless worlds, they will become what is referred to as “Ascended Masters” or Spirit guides themselves, which…in a way, is still ascended mastership. Another article, another time :-). Isn’t it time you learned all you can? I can help, I am available to be hired as a personal spiritual teacher/counselor as all Starseed Psychics are. Thanks for reading.

“Let thy food be they medicine”


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