10 Spiritual Ways to Quickly Relieve Stress & Anxiety

When it comes to relief of stress and anxiety there are many ways in which someone might choose to relieve themselves. One might expect that you can even categorize the different types of stress & anxiety relief techniques. From natural ways to spiritual ways, here are ten ways you can quickly relieve the stress & anxiety in your life.

1- Grounding- Grounding works! What this entails is simply improving your physical contact with mother earth, and it is just that simple. Remove your shoes, as they reduce contact, and walk barefoot upon mother earth and feel the connection all through your being. The healing aspects of grounding have actually been proven! Grounding will relieve stress and anxiety immediately.

2- Meditation- Meditation works and over time will actually make you less susceptible to stress. Something as simple as a daily 30 minute routine where you sit comfortably and quietly just listening to healing sounds, such as a babbling brook, will relieve stress and anxiety and heal you from the inside out. There is even proof that over time, certain meditations can physically heal; so if there is something physical ailing you, causing the stress, this is a sure fire natural way to cure yourself of both the issue at hand and the symptoms.

3- Listen to Binaural Beats– These sounds have actually been proven to heal and relieve stress and anxiety on a grand scale. You want total silence from your environment when you listen, so a decent set of headphones is required to be proper. Thirty minutes of listening to binaural sounds will definitely relieve stress and heal you from the inside out. If you are skilled at Shamanic Meditations, paired with binaural sounds, you can really get deep in the spirit realm and leave your stressful world far behind.

4- Sit silently and sip herbal tea- Its true, silence and certain herbal pleasures work wonders! This method especially works well when you use herbs that have an effect on your nervous system such as hops, valerian root, passion flower and Jasmine flowers. The scent alone, coming from your warm cup of tea, is aromatherapy. Silence will allow you to reset your mind, think about what you need to do and see a larger perspective of the situation causing you stress oe anxiety.

5- Breathing techniques- Prana! Prana, chi, Reiki, whatever you call it, visualizing your breath as white light when you inhale causes a relaxed feeling. Deep breathing techniques where you “inhale light” and “exhale darkness” has been utilized as a tool for stress and anxiety relief by people all over, even those that would probably not consider themselves spiritual beings.

6- Burning Incense- Now here is a no brainer, associated with aromatherapy, there are certain incense that have been created to be used as natural medicine. On a side note, there are incense/herbs that you can smoke…if that is your fancy. However, I am speaking of burning stick or cone incense in your space. Paired with actual relaxation type music and a warm cup of Jasmine tea…this is unbeatable for relaxation to watch stress and anxiety become a thing of the past. If I personally had to suggest something, I would choose Sage paired with a warm cup of Jasmine tea and music softly playing in your space by an artists known as Mirabai Ceiba

7- Eating comfort foods- It might sound like a no brainer, but many people are not familiar with what we spiritualists know as “food medicine”. There are actual scientific studies to back up the information too…if that matters to you. However, there are certain foods that relieve stress and anxiety such as Kimchi, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, artichokes, shellfish and even organ meats such as kidneys and liver, fatty fish, parsley, sunflower seeds and broccoli. Find yourself a nice recipe that you will fix you whenever you need that extra relief from stress and anxiety.

8- Warm shower and a cry- No doubt! Everyone knows of the power of a warm shower, but did you know that many of us actually have pent up energy that we never even realize? Its true, we all carry past and hurtful memories even those of us that have found wats of bottling that up or coping…eventually our psych lets gets full and we have to let it out. If you do not do that then this could be the reason you are stressed or anxious. Anytime we bottle up emotions, this is the result. SO..that is where we get to the cry part. Take a warm shower and simply let yourself go, a good cry IS medicine and will certainly relieve you of overwhelming emotions. The shower gives you an very private space to do what you must during this time. The sound of the water is relaxing but also covers the sound of sobbing quite well.

9- Automatic writing- This is a technique that has a very personal home with me. As a psychic medium, shaman and over all spiritual man, many times when I am doing a client’s reading this is the technique I am using. You can use it to write all your thoughts and words you do not want to say aloud down, then simply tear up the paper and visualize all those bad thoughts and words being purified and tossed out of your life. Its a techniques many have learned, no doubt, through some of their professional psychological or philosophical experiences in life as it is used all over the world by those who know those terms as their livelihood. Simply put- in a quite space, burn some incense, sip some warm herb tea, play some relaxing chant by anyone you trust such as Ajeet Kaur, and let your fingers do the typing or writing without actually thinking of any word. Over time, this will get MUCH easier, trust me.

10- Let nature heal you- Did you know that nature is a natural healing space? I am referring to the woods! Mountains, trees, streams, creeks, hills, trails, meadows, all these features have energy that is undeniable. During a time when you need to get away and relax, there is no better place. Even if you want to argue with me and say, “well I am at rest in the city” you have no idea what actual relaxation is like until you hit a long distance wilderness trail, such as the Appalachian Trail, and simply walk your stress and anxiety away. A weekend camping trip in the woods is one of the longest and sought after stress and anxiety relievers around.

Even though we only tell you about ten very good stress and anxiety relief techniques here, they are some of the best and most proven ways. You can utilize any of these techniques, at any time in your life. The techniques can be used on a daily basis if you want to increase your resistance to stress. No training or official learning is needed, just a little time of practicing, every so often and you will be very good at relieving your stress and anxiety using these ten spiritual ways.

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