How To Boost Your Manifestation Abilities


“Don’t Underestimate Your Mind”

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You are not a physical being in a physical universe. In an energetic/vibrational world, you are an energetic/vibrational being. You are a transmitter as well as an energy receiver. Learning how to survive as a vibrational being in a vibrational world is one of the biggest challenges as a human being. You do not attract everything you want into your life. You’re not drawn to what you say. You’re not attracted to what you feel. It is all necessary to have desires, emotions, and feelings, but these are more consequences than triggers. What you signal, you attract. As a vibrational transmitter, think about yourself. You continuously send out messages to the world who you are right now.

Other vibrational beings, activities, and interactions can either draw or repel certain signals. Naturally, you draw what is in alignment with your state of being, and you will repel what is out of sync with your state. If your energetic self irradiates wealth and abundance, your physical existence will reflect your physical being’s wealth and abundance. If rage and resentment are radiated by your energetic self, your physical reality will also reflect that. Since the signals you send out appear to be fairly complicated at any given moment, the perception of physical reality will be similarly complicated.

Once you can agree that compatible patterns are attracted by your vibrational self, it becomes obvious that if you want to encounter something different in your life, you have to alter the signals you put out somehow. Many people struggle with manifestation. This is usually because they are not doing it right. Most times your mind is not ready. Most people manifest things THEY want, however, these things they want are not what they really need. The spirits know rather you need or not, or if you need it or not. You must also be thinking the right thoughts. Usually, when your mind is ready for manifestation, you will see signs from your spirit guide or universe.

Most people see 111 or 1111. This is a tale sign your mind is ready and you can manifest what you want. The universe is trusting in you to think the right thoughts. It is unwise to think of negative thoughts such as causing harm to any living being. The universe can take the power of manifestation from you if seen fit. As a species, we are impatient beings. When we want things, we want them immediately yet that’s not the way the universe works.

Here are ways you can boost your manifestation


Meditation can be used to help you keep your mind focused and prevent you from thinking too much about things from your past or things to come in your future. It makes you more aware of your thoughts and therefore makes you less likely to think negative thoughts, which can be alter your manifestation process.

Trust the process

You must discipline your mind to not focus on the how, why, and when. These are not matters that you need to overwhelm yourself with, indeed, obsessing over these details can alter the manifestation process. Do not doubt that your manifestations will happen. This can affect the universal balance and prevent your dreams from becoming a reality. You can not sit there thinking it will not work because that very thought will cause that to be true. Know it will work. Say every day to your self it WILL work. Say it out loud if you have to.

 Gratitude and generosity

Start being grateful for everything in your life. When you’re manifesting you have no time to lose energy to ungratefulness and lack. Give out the beautiful energy you want to get back. Now the action part is being open to opportunities that show up and taking the steps to do it. There will be a lot of signs on what to do from the universe, so be on the lookout. 

Take Notes

A lot of people will write down their wants and dreams in a manifestation journal or whiteboard. Every day they will read it. Affirmations are also used to boost manifestation. Write them down 5 times a day in your journal. Say them out loud to yourself every day. Meditate on them. Write them on a piece of paper and stick it to your wall, your mirror, or in your wallet. Create a graphic with your affirmation and set it as the background on your phone or your computer.

Here are a few affirmations you can use:

My soul is ready to live the life of my dreams.

I surround myself with positive and genuine people who help me and encourage me to reach my goals.

I am wealthy and prosperous in every aspect of my life.

My intentions for my life are clear. What I am seeking is seeking me.

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