BELIEF- The most important part of manifesting your reality

Manifesting your own reality. We’ve all heard that statement, or most people have. But what does it take for you to manifest your own reality? And what exactly does manifesting your own reality mean? It is very important when you begin manifesting things in your life that you want, manifesting your own happiness, or anything else that you want or need, that you believe in exactly what you’re doing. It is very important because how manifesting anything in life works is through belief. We’ve already proven that we do not use most of our brains as humans, those who have learned to manifest things in their life have learned to use a bit more percentage of their brains than most people.

And a lot of that belief, in fact, the most important part is believing in what you are doing and believing that your manifesting actions are going to reward you in the end. Those who do not believe in what they’re doing or those who do not believe that the universe can be tapped into in order to make things happen are going to have a hard time manifested anything in their life. The fact is, manifesting is primarily energy and belief-based. To get a general idea of what manifesting is all about I will use this example: When you were a child and you fell and hurt your knee and came to your parents, you believed that their magic kiss would heal your hurt.

The reason that the pain stopped is that as a child the amount of faith you have is extraordinary. You believed that your parent’s kisses were magical and that they had the ability to heal, was enough for your own mind and body to heal itself, and was enough for your own brain to overrule the pain associated with your hurt. That is the same thing as manifesting healing showing the power of belief. Now as adults, tapping into the universal energy that exists and using your belief, your mind has the ability to work with the universal energies and manifest pretty much anything you can imagine. This is why it is very important to believe in your manifestations.

Without this belief, manifestation will be much harder for you. You have to believe in what you’re doing, you have to believe that it is possible or you are working against yourself. In all actuality, the body has the ability to heal itself using the mind and natural abilities and it has a lot to do with manifesting that reality. If you do not believe in it your body would have a harder time healing itself. This has been proven over and over again through individuals showing that all you have to do is believe and things will happen. So, it is very important that you believe in what you’re manifesting and that it is going to happen, it can’t be stressed enough.

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