How to learn why you are here and who you really are

Well in reality there is a very easy way to connect with your true self and your mission and that is to contact a professional psychic/spiritual advisor and have a Life Path reading done. If done properly and in-depth, you will know what path you were meant to walk from the time you incarnated back on Earth. You will know what you were meant to do for a career or job. You will know why you display certain negative traits and then sometimes certain positive traits and how to control that so that you show more positive traits over negative most of the time. You will also learn things about yourself that you may have known but not in as much detail as the life path reading will tell you.

The advisor should be aware that all souls enter into a contract before they are reincarnated back to earth. And the advisor should be aware of why it is normal for most people to have no idea about why they are here, what their mission is, who they really are and why this is actually normal and natural. When we are born as humans we start out as innocent souls that are not aware of why we are here but are still more aware of certain things such as universal love and compassion and stuff like that. We understand the pain of hatred and its poison and the likes. But as we age we are integrated into a human society that has a habit of suppressing the spiritual side because of the unnatural way of life humanity has chosen.

Once you learn your life path you can make the necessary changes in your life and watch as your spirit guide begins placing things in your path that reward you and make you want to continue walking your new path. You see, when we are in alignment with our mission and are connected with our true self our spirit guide will make sure we stay on the right path by making it very attractive through the use of things a human being would see as rewarding, good, successful, comfortable, etc. But if we are out of alignment with our path and are not connected with our true self then our spirit guide will place things in our path that are just the opposite and this is means to try and steer us to the right path.

Another very good way in which you can connect with your true self and your mission is to meditate on this very subject. Ask yourself, who are you really, what are you meant to be doing in this life. Focus on your breath and relax and allow your spirit guide to contact you and send you messages. These messages may be subtle at first but you will begin to wake up more and more and learn to see the messages more clearly, in time. Meditation is medicine for your soul, it is not a quick fix pill, so allow yourself time, months usually, to awaken even a little. If your thoughts are on who you are and why you are here when you meditate, you will be spiritually aligning yourself with your spirit guide making their job easier, and the answers will come.

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