Spiritwalker’s top 6 smoking herbs for healing and spiritual journeys

Starseed Psychics is more than psychic business in fact, all of our psychics are also natural healers and some have some very impressive credentials. So it’s no surprise that we are also all about herbal healing, homeopathy and the likes. So, placing a spin on the herbal healing aspects that Starseed Psychics is also known for, I present you this very informative article that I wrote some years ago before starseedpsychics.com even existed. You may be the type of person that will do anything to get better or to heal your family as long as it is natural, and if you are not set off by a little smoking then this could also help you. Smoking anything in large amounts is not good for you as it does tend to compete with the oxygen that you breath. However, the herbs talked about here do all have one thing in common, they help with respiratory problems.

So if you have a respiratory issue and are looking to use natural medicines over any pharmaceutical drug, then the information here will be very useful. Our American Indians have known about the healing properties in certain plants for centuries, they have used, and still do use, these as well as more herbs, to smoke in healing ceremonies as well as spiritual journey ceremonies. Smoking some of these, and other herbs, can give you a relaxed feeling and can calm anxiety as well as stop an asthma attack. I suggest you learn what herbs to use for what issue. You can either harvest these herbs in the wild where you are or you can grow them. If you prefer, they are most likely, all available online or at a good herb store too.

The traditional way to smoke these herbs are two fold. One some people just roll the leaf and smoke that like a cigar. Or you can dry the herb, crush it into small pieces and roll it in a paper. Either way has been used for a very long time to benefit from the medicinal benefits of these herbs. As with all herbs, if you are pregnant or nursing please do a little research and make sure it is safe to smoke these herbs during your pregnancy. As with all good things, moderation is key.


It is a perennial, aromatic herb of the mint family. The leaves and flower tops of this herb have been used a long time in home remedies as a bitter tonic for the cold and flu. It has been used traditionally as an expectorant, so can be found in many cough drops and liquid medicines. Extracts have been used for the treatment of intestinal parasites and as a diuretic. If you are hypoglycemic do not use this one.


It has reddish stems and brilliant green leaves, some varieties are a vine while others are a shrub like plant. This plant was used by the SW American Indians. Manzanita has very similar properties to a more widely known medicinal plant known as Bearberry and is very useful where there is an issue with the uterus and urinary tract. This is a great herb to treat Urinary tract infections.


Drugs.com says, “Anticancer activity of flavones isolated from Chinese Mugwort against several cancer cell lines has been documented in numerous in-vitro and animal studies.” Mugwort has been used for centuries by the American Indians as a main herb to smoke when they were venturing into the spirit world. That being said, this herb, when smoked, will be a little more than a mild taste and will result in a very relaxed and trance like state. It has been smoked to alleviate headache as well.


The common mullein, found all over the US, is a soft-leafed biennial plant. During its first year of growth, the big leaves form a low-lying basal rosette. In it’s second year, it produces a tall stem that can grow to more than 3 feet in height. The top portion of the stem makes yellow flowers that have a weak, smell resembling honey. This, along with the stamens, makes up the active ingredient. Used to treat respiratory disorders such as asthma, coughs, tuberculosis, and other respiratory problems. Also used to treat hemorrhoids, burns, bruises, and gout.


Usually the bark is used, although smoking the leaves dried and crushed gives similar affects as the bark. It is traditionally used in American Indian mixes and gives what ever you are smoking a great taste much like menthol does in cigarettes. Some people say there is pain relieving qualities, some don’t. Drugs.com says, “The medicinal use of willow dates back 6,000 years. Ancient civilizations used willow tree extracts to treat pain, inflammation, and musculoskeletal conditions.”

Yerba Santa

This plant is found in the desert states. Usually it can be used for bronchial problems, so is good for treating illnesses of the respiratory track. Smoking the leaves of this herb will truly touch the lungs. This is also a good plant to add to your mix for it’s fragrance.

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