Is He/She My Soulmate?

Disclaimer: Master Spiritwalker IS an ordained Christian Minister and Zen Priest. He was raised in a pure Christian family and after awakening, in his mid 20’s, has come to know both sides and the truth. Please keep this in mind when reading this blog post as for some the material contained here can be many things including but not limited too: Intoxicating, Awakening, Angering, Insulting and Disturbing.

As a full-time psychic advisor, I am asked this question so often that it has become the most popular question in my career of 35 years. The wording of the title is the way that most questions are asked to me. Sometimes a person will accept the truth and sometimes not. There are also a select few people that will deny any expert’s wisdom, no matter how secure in their craft, or career, that expert may be. And then there are those that get the gold star, per se, those that accept the teachings I offer and realize that awakening is not always easy and that if they simply accept the lesson, that they will learn the truth and be a better, more awakened person for that.

Bleak as that paragraph may seem to me, some of you will totally get it. But for those that do not… let me put it in laments terms.

A soulmate is not a special someone. It is not “the one” that we are meant to be with, in this life. Not the one we are meant to marry and fall in love with and have children with etc. A Soulmate is a mate of your soul, which simply means your soul knows that soul, just your human self doesn’t. However, when a connection from a past life is so strong it leaves an impression on your soul, then when you reincarnate into a new life- and meet that same soul-, your soul will recognize it. THAT, my friends, is what a soulmate is. The one-liner would be, “a soul your soul recognizes from a previous life, and nothing more.” There really is nothing special about it. However, it CAN be special but it IS NOT rare. In fact, it is rarer to meet a soul your soul does not know!

The main thing you need to understand here is that ALL soulmates are used by the universe as a way to impart either reward you are owed or karmic repayment that you owe. Either or… but you will not usually understand what the connection is meant to bring you until you are in the midst of the experience. That feeling you have that draws you unto the other soul is meant to happen because of the impression the soul left on your soul…again, from a past life. Now, let us explore what a soulmate is not.

A soulmate is not a romantic destiny. It is not “the one”. It is not the one you were meant to marry, fall in love with, make babies with, and live happily ever after. Now, of course, you may choose to do that and if there is a reward to be had with that particular mate, then it is very likely that is the reason for the connection. However, understand that there are a lot of human constructs in the world. Most, if not all of them, can be traced clear back into ancient times during the beginnings of civilizations that have left their mark on our culture even today. Speaking for the United States of America, our culture is made up of so many different places that we do not even have one of our own.

BUT our country and roots DO have a beginning…and if you check your history, look with eyes that are wide awake, and a mind that is not altered by societal brainwashing, and big corporate lies, you will see the truth. ROME…our culture, our very make-up, our economy, every one of our systems…all based on an empire that does not exist today. And why does it not exist? Because it was arrogant and ignorant and egotistical and destroyed itself, according to history. Now, what did the US go and do? Well, they built their empire off of that fallen empire of course, not very smart but factual. SO, I said all that to get to the root of where these wrong beliefs about soulmates came from. You see, Rome was a very religious empire, based on man-made religion that became one of the world’s biggest…Catholicism.

From Catholicism we get Christianity, even though the teachings vary slightly, the Catholic leader actually leads the world, in the religious sense. So we founded a country on Christian beliefs and standards, void of actual spiritual beliefs and standards. If you want to create a God that you want all mankind to follow you have to destroy the competition (anything that opposes religion). This is what the ancient wars of the times were about, destroying other religious and spiritual (pagan) beliefs, customs and culture. The idea that you are human and nothing more is a mere teaching of man-made organized religion. Yes, a body with a soul that will die and burn forever, if you commit sins. You will go to heaven or hell and either live forever or burn forever. Reincarnation is blasphemy because it destroys the teachings of this “heaven”, hell, devil, their God and sins and everything associated with all that.

Problem is, we have proof of reincarnation…but not the Christian teachings. We are not a human being who can have a spiritual experience, we are a spiritual being who is having a human experience. All religions will deny that, and work tirelessly to suppress anything that is void of a creator god and the teachings that make up organized man-made religion. However, again, this is part of the game…destroy the competition. Why would this be, you ask? Well, it is all about control of the masses. Religion is a control measure, many will agree to this. It seeks to control people through fear. Spirituality, on the other hand, does no such thing and will only tell you that there is more to be learned and that you are asleep and must awaken to truly live!

So, without getting too far off-topic… soulmates, is he or she a soulmate? It is very rare to meet a soul you have never run into, before, in a past life. Can you imagine how many times we must all have reincarnated? Akashic Records Readings are revealing that we have lived 100’s of lives before! Past life readings reveal that we recently lived a different life. Children, even small toddlers have been filmed taking authorities to graves that contain the body of their previous life, WITH a story that matches 100% to village or neighborhood locals! But what makes certain soulmates more impressive on you in your current life than others? This is where we get into what type of soulmate you have met.

Just like there are different types of relationships in this life you can experience, from family to friends to lovers to business, there are different soulmates too. Someone who was your husband or daughter in a past life will surely leave more of a lasting impression on your soul than say, a simple friend or business colleague. However, if that friend is the one who killed you, in a past life, or that business colleague is the reason you became rich and famous, then that impression would surely be more impressive than a soul without those same circumstances. So, your psychic advisor can determine what type of soulmate you have reconnected with, most of the time. A past life reading can reveal details about the relationship, you may have had, and an Akashic Records reading can reveal what karma you are responsible for, which reconnecting with that soulmate.

Understanding these truths may seem overwhelming to many people, but as a Starseed born Indigo Child…it is my mission in this life to teach the truth, tear down old beliefs that are wrong, and awaken all I can. So, if you entertain this question to Master Spiritwalker be prepared for a lesson! I will answer your question, as you expect, but I will also inform you and teach you the truth, so that not only do you leave my presence with more insight but also greater wisdom.

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