Believing in yourself

Who else will believe in you if you do not believe in yourself? The old saying “someone has to do it”, does not apply unless you truly understand that you are worth every minute of respect. If there is one thing that you need to remember about this life, it is that you are not a human being who is having a spiritual experience at times, but that you are a spiritual being who is having a human existence. In other words you are not who you see when you look into the mirror.

A Higher Purpose

Never forget that you are here for a higher purpose, we all are. The universe owns you and you work for a higher power…you are actually a light being inside that fleshly shell. As a human being, you are limited to what you remember, but that is necessary in order to allow you to fit in as a human being. When you believe in yourself and remember that you are on a mission, this is what makes you powerful. A person who has confidence in themselves cannot be stopped, cannot be controlled, and cannot be owned by any other being or organization.

Have you ever heard of manifestation? Manifestation is the ability to cause something to come to truth in your life because you put your mind into it and never gave up. We all have our paths we must walk and we must remain in alignment if we are to manifest anything and be successful. Feeling as though the Universe is somehow against you is not the proper emotion. What you should be doing is meditating on what you want to manifest and asking your spirit guide why your manifestations are not coming to pass.

Many times our spirit guide will answer back and enlighten you on some things in your life that may need to be changed first. The Universe is not saying you do not deserve what you are trying for nor is it saying you will not get it, it may be as simple as the old saying “there is a time and place for everything”. Unfortunately, we carry baggage filled with ideas of not being good enough, not worthy, or a history of rejection. We strive to live up to modern standards; we measure ourselves against the ideals of society.

Life Is Full Of Illusion

These ideals that society will put into your head and try to hold you accountable to are illusions, but we try to maintain the facades, on social media and in our innermost relations. The notion of perfection has us locked in a prison where we have been sentenced by the toughest judge, ourselves. We grow further and further from our own truth, and the voice of unworthiness keeps talking us down. What we don’t see, when we look at others, are their own insecurities and their own fight to live up to the perfect image. See, we are not so different, as we may think.

The future of humanity belongs to the higher conscious thinking beings. The planet’s vibration is being raised which is another job of the lightworkers. The more the vibration is raised the more our work is having an impact and the more people will change and heal and awaken. When things in life begin to get to you more than usual, or maybe those things in your life are just compounding over time and there comes a time when enough is enough, you need to find a way to decompress.

In all its meaning you need a mental reset. The best way, in today’s society, is simply to get away from society, completely, if you want a complete reset that is. Many things we can do to decompress our minds and relax, chill, whatever words we use to explain it, forms of meditation, yoga, etc. But all those things are like putting a band-aid on a wound with no medicine. It’s a temporary fix and then you are back in the middle of all that stress in your life. For a more permanent fix, you need to reset your mind not occupy it.

When Things Get to You, Relax

Resetting your mind does not take 24 hours, it doesn’t take a weekend…it takes time. What you need is an extended vacation away from society; you need an appointment with nature. It is necessary just to get away and stay that way for a few weeks, months, even a year. Believe me, life can wait. Although we need to remember who we really are, we also need to understand we are not all-powerful and we are still human and still need to take time for ourselves as well.

So when life seems to step in the way of what you are doing, there is nothing wrong with a bit of transformation. Make little changes in your life that are conducive to a more peaceful and slower way of life. It is very important to take care of yourself and your mind needs to rest just as much as your physical body.

The Lighthouse

A lighthouse is a symbol of stability in times of change. When things are changing in the world, having a constant can be comforting. A lighthouse also acts as a symbol of guidance, lighting the way when it is dark. When faced with adversity, a lighthouse also can be a symbol of overcoming it through staying steady and constant in the midst of it. You are that lighthouse for many people. If you are the one the people look to on the hill when their lives are changing too rapidly then understand that they want to be able to see you as a stable person to rely on.

Understand that you have been chosen to be that beacon of light for those who are on their boat (life) out on the water (everyday society). When those rocks and harsh shoreline (change) comes around they have to have someplace to look upon and see that just because a major change is taking place from their usual way of life does not mean that things are in chaos permanently. But you are human as well, so how do you remain constant and undisturbed? In all actuality, that is impossible simply because you are human too. Whatever your gift is, be it psychic, natural healer, truth teacher, writer, counselor, or any other gift you were given to use, you should be using it to improve the lives around you and improve the health of the planet.

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