Guidelines for being a good Person (Part 2)

“Guidelines for Being a Good Person” was written by ancient Chinese sages. There will be four parts to this study so if you have not yet subscribed to the blog, please take a moment to do so. No spam will haunt your email we promise. Every time a part is published it will automatically notify you in email. “Guidelines for Being a Good Person”, teaches us the standards for being a good human being so that awakening happens quicker and with more meaning.

This is part 2 to the study and in this part we will see just what the famous Siddhartha Buddha meant for us to know about our daily interactions with those around us. Today in society ancient lessons might take on a slightly different role, but it is still useful and actually ever more so today than ever. Our everyday interactions with people tell them just what type of person we are. If we are known to be spiritualists then there is a certain personality that others will expect to see. If we talk the talk then we should always walk the walk.

Taking into consideration what one ancient master taught us, the Buddha, was very specific when he taught how we should be towards others when we were away from home. How we treat others shows directly how humble we are and the respect, dignity, honor, love and compassion that we as spiritualists have for people. Respect is one of the main things that this country lacks; our children do not have respect for their parents, friends, elders, or those in authority. Our adults the same, so this is where the country’s children learned it. Our elders in this country are treated so bad that we should be ashamed of it, but because there is no respect then there is no shame.

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This is what is called ignorance and it has run mostly uncontrolled in the world today. Whether you are Buddhist or not, there is no denying that the qualities taught in the Buddhists teachings are good and what every person should consider studying. If there is to be any positive change in society and any hope for a bright future for this doomed world, then it has to all start with compassion and respect. Many don’t even know what the word respect means, “Respect has to be earned to be given.” This is the world’s take. But the Buddha’s teachings were clear; if you are the elder your very existence has earned respect.

Interacting with others when away from home

-Older siblings should love and care for the younger ones; younger siblings should love and respect the older ones. Getting along well with one’s siblings is a sign of respecting one’s parents and caring that they are happy.

-When siblings value family ties more than possessions, resentment will not arise. When siblings are careful with their words, feelings of anger naturally dissolve.

-When drinking, eating, walking, or sitting, let the elders do so first; younger ones follow.

-When an elder is asking for someone, find that person right away. If we cannot find that person, we should immediately report back and ask if we can help instead.

-When we are addressing elders, do not call them by their first name. When in the presence of elders, do not show off.

-When we are meeting elders whom we know, greet them promptly and respectfully. If they do not greet us in return, respectfully stand aside.

-If we are in a vehicle and see an elder whom we know passing by, we should get out and greet the person [if the situation safely allows]. We continue on our way only after the elder has left us.

-When an elder is standing, do not sit. After an elder sits down, sit only when invited to do so.

-Before an elder, speak softly. But if our voice is too low and hard to hear, we are being improper.

-When meeting elders, walk briskly towards them; when leaving, do not do so in haste. When answering a question, look attentively at the person.

-We should regard our aunts and uncles as if they were our parents and our cousins as if they were our siblings.

In part three of this study we will explore what the ancient spiritual teachers had to say about being mindful in daily life.

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