Guidelines for being a good person (part 1)

Part 1

The “Guidelines for Being a Good Person” was written by ancient Chinese sages, 1000’s of years ago. These were awakened beings of the times and no doubt had very powerful insight. There will be four parts to this lesson so if you have not yet subscribed to the blog please take a moment to do so. No spam will haunt your email we promise. Every time a part is published then it will automatically notify you in email. The “Guidelines for Being a Good Person” teaches us the standards for being a good human being, according to the Zen tradition.

First, it teaches us to respect and love our parents, and to be kind to our brothers and sisters. Second, it teaches how to interact with people and how to go about our daily tasks properly. It also teaches us to be the type of person that any and every one can trust. Furthermore, it teaches us to love all sentient beings and to keep company with kind, virtuous people. After having learned how to do all these, we can expand our knowledge by studying the arts and literature going beyond our horizons. It matters not what your age or status is in life, we all have or had parents and we will keep these parents for this life whether they are alive or not. When a parent dies it is proper to remember them in sadness for three straight days and to never forget the anniversary of their death, but not dwell in it each and every year.

Remember them in sadness does not mean we become depressed and stay that way, it just means we keep their passing in the forefront of our minds and maybe do something to remember them from time to time. The first part of this lesson will be:

Respecting and loving our parents at home

-When they do not love us, respecting and loving those means we have a noble heart.

-If our parents do something wrong, we should urge them to change. Do so with a kind expression and caring voice.

-Should our parents not accept our advice, try again when they are in a better mood. If they still do not listen, our sincere tears will show them how deeply we care. Should they get angry with us, do not hold it against them.

-When our parents are ill, we should make sure that they take the right medicine.

-Care for them night and day, and do not leave them alone.

-For three days after our parent’s passing, we should remember them in sadness.

-We should live simply and not adorn our home. Avoid over-indulgence in merry-making, meat, and alcohol.

-We should arrange our parent’s funeral in a proper manner. -We should always honor them as if they were still alive and, especially on the anniversary of their death, remember them with a sincere heart.

-We should always honor them as if they were still alive and, especially on the anniversary of their death, remember them with a sincere heart.

Sometimes the hardest part about being a good person is remaining moral, and proper in what the great Buddha taught was the right way, the virtuous way and the way leading to enlightenment. Parents today can be ignorant and when the child is not on the same page as the parent upon growing up, it can cause some pretty harsh issues. Especially for American families that have children who are of one belief or way of life and parents that are of a different way.

This can cause some head bunting and sometimes harsh words can be thrown back and forth. As a good person we have to abstain from these things however possible. We have to be the bigger person and show the other side that there is a better way than that of the “sleepy” world, how they handle confrontations. So by following these guidelines you will be improving yourself and showing those around you the proper way. It is a sign of enlightenment when a person can follow this and an awakened individual, such as who you are inspiring to be, can only see the good in everyone. Always remember, part of awakening your senses, your psychic abilities is to be in the right frame of mind morally as well. Never forget, without our mother and father none of us would be here.

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