Gunpowder Green Tea For Holistic and Spiritual Health

Bang! Gunpowder green tea is the oldest known green tea that is believed to be as old as the Tang Dynasty, some 1000 years ago. Why is it called gunpowder green tea? Hence the name, each leave is withered, steamed, rolled then dried. After this long process, it then looks like small grains of gunpowder. The tea is very delicate and has a bit of a smokey tone. In the olden days, each leaf was hand-rolled, this made the tea more expensive and was only given to those of great value. Gunpowder is not so much today as we now have machines doing the rolling now. There are actually three types of gunpowder, Pingshui gunpowder, Formosa gunpowder, and Ceylon gunpowder. The most commonly used is Pingshui gunpowder.

Gunpowder green tea is zhū chá in Chinese which means, Pearl Tea. Obvious name. Gunpowder tea is extremely beneficial especially for those that are active, seeking to drop some weight, needing focus and concentration, wanting to stay looking young, etc. Ever wonder why people in Japan and China live so long? They drink green every single day of their lives. Green tea is known to extend your life expectancy. There are numerous gunpowder green tea benefits. This is because the tea holds its nutrients better than others. When it is rolled up in tiny balls, the tea can keep nutrients and caffeine a lot better than other green teas. Gunpowder green tea has higher caffeine levels than other teas. The rolled leaves of gunpowder green tea can keep its taste and properties well over 10 years.

1. Stronger Immune System

Many studies have shown that gunpowder green tea can prevent colds. This is the case for most green teas. There was even one study that showed people who drink green tea are less likely to get sick. Plus, it showed that green tea drinkers have more cells that fight viruses including cancer.

2. Healthier Heart

Drinking green tea can reduce your risk of heart disease. If you have high levels of cholesterol, you could be at risk for heart disease, as we all know. Gunpowder green tea lowers the levels of these substances. Drinking gunpowder green tea will strengthen your artery walls. Gunpowder green tea prevents the events of heart attack and stroke.

3. Managing Diabetes

Many studies have shown that some of the compounds found in gunpowder green tea can help with diabetes. The compounds found in gunpowder green tea can help manage blood sugar levels. So, by managing the blood sugar, gunpowder green tea can regulate insulin levels. You can even drink gunpowder green tea or any green tea (gunpowder being the best) to prevent getting diabetes ever.

4. Live a Longer Life

A study in Japan looked at green tea consumption and lifespan. People who had the longest lifespan drank over 5 cups of green tea a day, every day. Drinking 2-3 cups a day is certainly enough to increase your lifespan. Green tea is very popular in Japan.

5. Help With Weight Loss

There are three ingredients in gunpowder tea that help with weight loss. The first is quite well known. This would be caffeine. The others, catechins, and theanine. When these three compounds work together, they significantly boost your metabolism. This is why you become so hungry after drinking green tea. Green tea helps burn fat that is not needed. Caffeine also helps to suppress your appetite, aiding in losing weight. Before going running or workout, drink yourself a mug of gunpowder green tea.

Other health benefits of gunpowder green tea include:

  • Give More Energy
  • Aid Chronic Diseases
  • Help With Digestion
  • Boost Immune System

Gunpowder green tea even has its place in the metaphysical world as well. Calms the Mind and enhances Intuition, drink before bed for prophetic dreams, strengthens your Clairvoyant ability, calms the body, also perfect for meditation preparation.

Where can you find Gunpowder green tea? Any good health food store. But, you can also get a premium box of gunpowder green tea from Buddha Teas. When brewed right, you can obtain the great taste of gunpowder green tea. Buddha Teas gunpowder green tea is true to taste, very premium has that perfect bite to it as green tea does. Starseed Psychics recommends gunpowder green tea from Buddha Teas. Brew a cup every day, 2-3 times a day, and keep your health strong. This tea will certainly prove itself. Drink before any big exam, writing a new book or blog, before a workout, etc. Buddha Teas uses only fresh, pure organic, or sustainably wild harvested ingredients and maintains their natural purity in every tea they sell. They have also created the “Teas for Trees” campaign, planting 5000 trees a year to offset the paper use in their teabags. Each of their tea bags is bleach-free to eliminate the risk of chemicals, and their boxes are made from 100% recycled material.

“Tea bags that have been chlorine-bleached contain harmful chemicals such as dioxin and epichlorohydrin. These chemicals are commonly found in processed tea bags and have been proven to increase the risk of disease. When epichlorohydrin comes in contact with water, it can hydrolyze into a carcinogen. Further studies have shown that chemicals like dioxin, which is also a potent cancer-causing chemical, can remain in our bodies for as long as 11 years.” -Buddha Teas

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