10 Ways To Self Quarantine Spiritually

No doubt many people have chosen to stay home during the Covid-19 outbreak amidst fears of getting the virus themselves or because they may be ill and do not want to risk others in the community. Whatever your reason for spending the majority of your time self-quarantined at home during the coronavirus events, if there is one thing for certain, it is that you have a lot more times on your hands. Many client’s, over the years, have asked about how they can coordinate their daily schedule with spiritual practice.

Well now is the perfect time to really get into it, is it not? You are home, all day, the majority of your day or working and studying at home, some of you are even doing your schooling online. But you have more time now and less distracted daily activities. Everything that was once an excuse for delaying spiritual practice has been altered so that now it’s a thing of the past. So without further wait, here are the top 10 ways you can develop a spiritual practice while you are in self-quarantine from the coronavirus/Covid-19 events:

  • Develop a daily meditation routine. Go to sleep at a decent hour and wake up early to begin well before others in the home stir. Now you can develop a meditation routine easily. Wake up 2 hours before everyone else, be quiet as you move about. Once you wake enough, and before any caffeine or stimulants, sit in meditation for 20-30 minutes. Mindfulness meditation is the recommended meditation.
  • Find a time of about an hour to sit in silence and distraction free while you study a spiritual text or read sutras. The further expansion of your mind with spiritual topics is one of the reasons spiritual awakening happens.
  • Buy some incense and candles and a Zen water fountain or two and place these items around your home to create a very peaceful and serene space to aid spiritual refinement.
  • Now is the perfect time to work on a diet change that reflects spiritual refinement/awakening. If you have been meaning to try to eat more fresh and raw foods or more organics and non-genetically modified (GMO) foods but found your everyday, fast paced life in the way, now there is no excuse!
  • Set aside a “tea time” a time to drink healthy, immune boosting, powerful antioxidant teas/herbal infusions. Now you can sit in silence or in chat with a close loved one who is sharing in quarantine with you and truly see what you’ve been missing while living a fast paced- modern day life. Warm herbal teas serve a major purpose in boosting your immunity as well as awakening the spiritual senses.
  • Learn to heal naturally using a very proven technique known as grounding. Since you are not locked in your home, most of you have access to the front, side or back spaces outside your home where you can walk or stand barefoot and practice grounding for healing. Because you have nothing but time on your hands, this can be  a daily ritual and soon you will begin to see results for a problem you wish you wish to heal from naturally…such as depression, stress and/or anxiety.
  • Practice Shamanic spiritual travel. With all this time on your hands and constant access to the internet or your favorite music maker, it’s a great time to learn to relax, lay still and listen to Shamanic drumming through headphones all while using guided meditation. Youtube has a good selection of Shamanic drumming guided meditations for spirit world travel.
  • Treat your quarantine like it is a retreat! This is actually one of my favorites. It combines every idea mentioned into a total practice and you can choose 1, 2, 3 days maybe a week or more even. This is the perfect opportunity because many of you are alone or with only a few close loved ones and no one is coming a knocking on your door nor is the boss hounding you about being late for work.
  • Research online spiritual topics. Many of you have come to me over the years asking for websites and links for spiritual research. Now is the best time and as you has loads of time, hours of research can be devoted to a single subject with hardly any outside worldly distractions. I know there are even those who have chosen to write complete books during this time.
  • Practice mindfulness each and every day…all day. No more excuses, life has slowed way down and given you opportunity to really do this. With every step, every use of your hands, every word you speak; mindfulness can be employed.

Work on a total life change that will incorporate your new spiritual lifestyle permanently so that when life returns to normal your spiritual life does not suffer.

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