The Hopi Native American Prophecy and Covid-19

What is that you ask? What does it have to do with me you ask? Plenty! Every one of us, in some form or fashion, believes in times like we are enduring now as part of the evolution and change on planet earth. Those of us that are awake more than others understand how covid-19 is all part of this evolution and change humanity and mother earth is going through. For many years Starseeds have been talking about the imminent spiritual evolution that is taking place on earth for the earth herself and all of humanity. Over the recent past years, some of us have been talking about how changes in people’s lives have been speeding up and usually catching people off guard because of the intensity of this change or evolution.

Some of us have been preparing ourselves and our families and close friends (that understand) for times like the current epidemic so that we are better equipped as human beings as well as spiritual beings. Without getting into all those irrelevant details I want to take this time to explain the spiritual aspects of Covid-19 as well as all epidemics or pandemics the world will endure. If we all look hard enough, we can see a silver lining around any cloud that comes into our lives. The silver lining of the current virus challenge is that its job is to cut the population of earth down so that those of us that will be left untouched by the virus will live a healthier life as life will carry on. Without downplaying the severity of the issue or its negative impact on families and all lives, it is entirely possible to see deeper into the situation and understand that even something like this virus proves intelligent design or some sort.

Therefore, we must understand that if an intelligent designer was part of the design of the virus and its intentions then control is in the hands of that designer and we must trust it. Where do we go to find anything that sheds any light onto Covid-19 and any of its predecessors as well as any similar future situations? Although in the spiritual community there are many places online where one can go to learn much about this subject, I want to talk specifically about one ancient prophecy of one of the most spiritual native American tribes in the world…the Hopi. Some of you know this but others do not and those are the people I am wishing to reveal this information to. It is my sincerest intention to try and bring some understanding to this unprecedented situation we all must endure.

I give you the Hopi prophecies I am referring too, pay special attention to the, “Hopi Blue Star or Blue Kachina Prophecy” but understand even today, their prophesies are still ringing true:

“When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”.

Hopi Native American Prophecy

So what is it I want you to get from this blog? Well, it’s simple, those of us that return to the old ways will not be harmed. Many prophecies, especially the picture graph found on a rock near Oraibi, Arizona tell this very truth. It shows that humanity will stray and follow a materialistic, unnatural path that will be the cause of humanity’s own destruction. It also shows that those who follow the old ways such as farming, hunting, homesteading, living disconnected from most technology, use all-natural medicines, and live a natural life void of all the modern-day poisons and false food (GMOs), etc., etc., will live forever…or as we understand, live a better, healthier, happier life. That means, we can look at the current situation through our spiritual eyes and understand why it is happening, why it has happened before and will happen again.

It also means, if you are reading this blog now, that it is not too late to turn around and get back to the land, get back to a natural way of life, more spiritually in-tune with nature and mother earth and humanities roots. It is not too late to learn to heal naturally and to raise crops and work WITH the land instead of working against it or simply taking from it and not giving back. We can all do something in these terrible times and if we do that, at least then we have a greater chance of surviving, and in the least…we will be doing what is right and become part of the solution and not remain part of the problem!

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Disclaimer: blog and it’s contents is not meant to be a replacement for medical services in the event that you feel you have been infected with Covid-19. If you feel sick or think you need to see a doctor about your symptoms please go to the doctor. This blog and its contents are for informational purposes only.

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