Using Sleep Paralysis to Increase Your Psychic Awareness

Did you know that sleep paralysis is 100% a spiritual experience? It’s true and those that are spiritually awake have used sleep paralysis to explore states of mind that are alternative to normal states, such as walking in the spirit realm. Other uses include inducing lucid dream states to improve psychic awareness and abilities, locate missing items and to recall conversations or activities that have been forgotten about. In many ways, this is a tool that can be used to improve clairvoyant and other psychic abilities.

This information should not be confused as a run of the mill type of activity that anyone can take part in, but should be considered an advanced psychic tool. Therefore, it should be noted that inducing states of sleep paralysis can be unsettling to many people and should be done with caution. Sleep paralysis is a state where your body is still asleep and so therefore is unable to move, but where your mind is partially awake and does not understand you are dreaming. However, in a controlled state, sleep paralysis can be easier to experience.

In order to induce a state of sleep paralysis, there are many ways. I will talk about one way here for purposes of making this technique understandable. Set an alarm for about 6-7 hours after you go to sleep and set the alarm to come on only once and then go off after a short time, by itself. Once you are awakened by this alarm you will be in a state of REM, which is in its deepest part after about 6-7 hours after sleep.

Allow yourself to wake partially, do not open your eyes and do not move out of bed. Now, you want to go back to sleep as soon as possible, so try to fall back to sleep. You will remain very alert mentally and if all goes right you will enter a controlled state of sleep paralysis. If you were dreaming you usually reenter the dream but more aware. This is a state of lucid dreaming. When you are in this state you know you are dreaming and can explore locations, conversations, look for missing items etc.

And because this state is partially connected to the spirit realm, you may actually have interactions with spirits or the recently deceased. In a journal, it is a good idea to keep notes about your experiences. You will become better and better at this the more you practice. After much experience it is possible you can enter states of trance, which will result in spiritual travel, at will, anytime you can relax enough. Using this technique will force you into a more psychically aware state, will awaken psychic abilities and improve abilities that you already have awakened.

It is recommended not to do this to often as interruptions in REM sleep is one of the contributors to sleep deprivation and insomnia.

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