Using Buddha Teas Crown Chakra Tea To Energize Your Chakra

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra. Located at the top of our head, it gives us access to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal concentration and visions. The work of the Crown chakra is driven by consciousness and helps us become one with the universe. Sahasrara is sanscript for “Thousand Petaled Lotus” and is located just above the head. The crown chakra is violet and is not connected with any element because it is beyond all elements. The crown chakra is seen as a thousand-petaled lotus. The crown chakra is said to be the doorway into pure consciousness and serves as a way of connecting to divine energy and our higher self. The crown chakra helps us function in a more enlightened way.

The Crown Chakra is our association with Divinity, it is the entrance through which the life vitality (energy) enters our body. Without this vitality (energy), people can’t work appropriately and will in general, feel separated with themselves as well as other people. By adjusting and fortifying the crown chakra, we can associate with the Higher Power to get its affection which would then be able to be imparted to everyone around us.

Many people suffer from overactive and even under-active crown chakra. This is due to the blocked crown chakra. If your crown chakra is blocked you can experience feelings of emotional distress, isolation and disconnection from other people and events. You may feel like your normal self, only without feelings of enlightenment and spiritual connection. There are many ways of clearing your blocked crown chakra including meditation, wearing the colors of the crown chakra, using and carrying certain crystals.

Not only can you do all of that, you can also drink a specific tea to clear your crown chakra. Luckily, there is a tea company known as “Buddha Tea”. They have Chakra Teas that you can purchase and use to open and clear your chakras. Their Crown Chakra tea is used specifically to drink to open and clear your crown chakra. What makes their tea even more interesting is, they blend amethyst crystal with their crown chakra tea for 24hrs. Once infused, they remove the crystal and you now have amethyst infused crown chakra tea.

Amethyst is a perfect match since it is one of the recommended crystals to carry and wear when an individual is wanting to open or clear his/her crown chakra. With a blend of lavender, rose petal, nutmeg, Gotu kola, this tea can leave you feeling relaxed and prepared for a cleared crown chakra. The taste of the crown chakra has a very strong herbal taste. It is definitely a tea suitable to drink before meditation or any healing session such as reiki. It is not a tea that you would brew and drink for enjoyment. It has a specific purpose and should be used properly for the desirable effects. Overall, it is a wonderful tea to drink when used for its actual purpose.

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