The spiritual and magical properties of Buddha Tea’s Hubei Jasmine Tea

The Jasmine flower is an interesting and mysterious blossom. Its scent and beauty produce passion, inspiring energies and clarity in those who drink, smell and work with it. You must admit the power of this intriguing flower is mesmerizing and it will assist you in manifesting the successful energy and power that you desire in your everyday life. Jasmine flower’s scent will permeate your being, literally. It will envelope the entire space of your atmosphere and it will alter the present energies to completely produce a sense of well being and tranquility.

Jasmine is seen as one of the most powerful flowers used in the creation of spells and magic. The word Jasmine originates from the Persian word ‘yasmin’, it means… “gift from God”. It is Pakistan’s national flower; this incredibly scented blossom is known for its pure white petals. The incredible scent of the Jasmine flower is very much respected and easily recognized as well as being very popular among those who create perfume. There are lots of ways to use Jasmine in your meditations and spiritual work.

Buddha Tea covers all the senses with their incredible Jasmine tea from the Hubei providence of China. According to Google, “Hubei is a landlocked province in Central China. Its varied terrain encompasses mountains, lakes and wilderness areas.” Hubei produces a number of varieties of green tea all of which are of premium quality. The very humid climate there is perfect for the production of green tea as well as the famous Jasmine blossoms.

The flower of attraction is a popular element in creating spiritual love and desire. Jasmine’s sensuous fragrance creates feelings of love and is the perfect tea for practicing compassionate meditations. Its calming and vigorous properties affect the mind, producing sensuality and opening your minds eye up to the divine beauty all around the world. When looking to improve your compassion using compassion meditation, start by preparing your space. Slow your mind; clear your space of any distractions.

Place some warm colored candles and some Jasmine incense where it is safe. Anoint the candle with Jasmine oil. Write your intentions/manifestations on a piece of paper. Place the paper on your manifestation board. Focus your intentions on the goal and light the candles and incense and enter meditation. However, well before this meditation ritual for compassionate work drink a cup of warm Hubei Jasmine Tea. The more you drink, the more the effects of the Jasmine herb have on your focus.

If you need more focus or need to calm down more, drink 2 cups. However, since Jasmine is a mild sedative, the more you drink the more you will be prone to entering the spirit realm in a trance. This can be good as long as you are in a safe space and not soon to drive or operate heavy machinery. As your candles burn, breathe in and then out deeply, visually removing all negative thoughts from your psych. Breathe in and visualize white light flowing in through your nose and all through your body.

As you breathe out visualize negative energy as a black energy flowing out through your mouth. Bring up images of those you have seen on the street, at work, etc. As you breathe out mentally verbalize some sort of mantra such as, “may all beings be happy”. With each exhale mentally verbalize additional intentions such as, “may all beings be free from suffering”. The fabulous scent of the Jasmine flower is a perfect ingredient to use in events involving clairvoyance and predictions. Spiritual advisors and spiritual wellness coaches rely on the scent to empower their relaxation and improve the quality of their visions. In many home based psychic offices, Jasmine incense can usually be noticed during a tarot card reading or clairvoyance session. Buddha Tea’s Hubei Jasmine makes a perfect pairing for your incense and spiritual work.

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