5 Herbs and Their Metaphysical and Holistic Uses

Sulfur powder (Brimstone)

Metaphysical use

Brimstone Powder, otherwise called Sulfur or Sulfur, has a solid, wild vitality and in Wiccan religions and black magic, is utilized to evacuate or forestall any spell, revile, hex or dark enchantment cast against you, and furthermore to pulverize an adversary’s control over you. It is utilized with respect to amazing insurance against negative, hurtful or fiendish powers. Numerous spells require the utilization of Brimstone for the expulsion of insidiousness things.

Holistic use

Sulfur has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and keratolytic activity. It is utilized for the symptomatic help of pimples and spots of gentle skin inflammation that are not contaminated or aroused, and skin inclined to dermatitis, disturbance and tingling. Sulfur 30c is a setup of a homeopathic cure and its conventional use in homeopathy is well known.

Chicory Root

Metaphysical use

Chicory has been documented thoroughly as having numerous mystical properties that can help a person including, good luck, giving strength, favors, thriftiness, imperceptibility, opening of locks, expelling impediments and revile evacuation. In old Egypt, chicory was said to bring achievement and make one immune to death.

Holistic use

Chicory roots are boiled and eaten with margarine, and baked roots are ground and prepared to include a rustic, smooth taste to espresso and tea or utilized as a substitute for espresso. In Indian writings, the entire plant of chicory is utilized as a heart, stomach, and liver tonic, and as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Dandelion Leaf

Metaphysical use

Some people use dandelions to upgrade clairvoyant capacities. Use it in a tea to help in divination and prophetic dreaming. The dandelion is related with development and change – all things considered, a couple of dandelion blossoms, before long, transform into many seeds that spread all over, repopulating different areas. There’s additionally an association with proceeding onward – on the off chance that you have a negative behavior pattern you need to dispose of, partner it with a dandelion puff, and afterward blow it out and away from you.

Holistic use

Dandelions likewise bolster the liver, cleanse the blood, keep you from becoming physically weak, improve your vision and furthermore help lower high blood cholesterol and circulatory strain. Today, Traditional Chinese Medicine endorses dandelion for tumors of the lung and bosom, jaundice, abscesses, urinary tract disease, and hepatitis. Western botanists have a considerable rundown of employments for dandelion, exploiting its diuretic impacts to treat the liver, pulse, and stomach related frameworks. Squeezed dandelion leaves are also utilized to treat diabetics.

Hawthorn Berries, whole

Metaphysical use

Hawthorn berries are wonderful to help with heart guarding or heart healing.  You can use this energetically or physically. It can be as simple as carrying a bag of haws with you or rubbing tincture on your heart location.  It can be a daily ritual or affirmation and can help you connect with your intentions.  You can use it for treating emotional issues, as emotional body armor, emotional over protection. Hawthorn calms the heart and spirit, especially calming the spirit when the spirit is easily affected by what is around a person, such as other people that affect you emotionally.

Holistic use

Hawthorn berries have been praised over the centuries for their heart enhancing properties. Believed to strengthen the heart in all aspects, hawthorn, also supports healthy cardiovascular function. Hawthorn also supports healthy circulation of the blood.

Mullein Leaf, cut

Metaphysical use

Mullein leaf gets used for healing, love, future telling, banishing, bravery and safety. One specific use is smoking mullein at a crossroads in your life, in order to commune with spirits and deities who govern such areas. It can be used to ward off nightmares by placing it under your pillow. Bathing in it keeps enemies at bay.

Holistic use

Alternatively, mullein has awesome healing qualities as a holistic medicine. A tincture or salve of mullein is used to treat skin issues such as poison ivy and oak outbreaks. Externally mullein is used to treat inflammation and swelling. A tea of mullein is drunk to help digestive issues and smoking the herb can treat respiratory tract infections.

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