The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

It is my duty as a Spiritual Life Coach, to teach the truth in a world that is full of improper teachings. Understand we have all been here many times. Reincarnation has not only been scientifically proven but there are now individuals being born that are telling of their past lives to a point of taking the police to hidden graves where they were murdered in a past life. So here is what you must know. #1- Those who come to me, specifically, come because it is their time to awaken and learn. It is my duty as an Indigo-born Starseed, now a lightworker, to teach and awaken. So count it part of your spiritual path to connect with me and not just coincidence.

#2- Twin Flames is the rarest connection ever. In fact, it is so rare, it will probably never happen to most people in the universe. What is a Twin Flame? In laments terms, “It is the second half of your soul.” When we die, we transform back into energy. That energy mixes and swirls with all the energy around us, this is why it is said, “we are all the same”. Whatever live being has died physically around you, and about the same time as you, that energy can become mixed. Then it reincarnates back into live biological beings. That means ideally, half of you are in this body and half of you in another biological body. And it doesn’t have to be human, just a live biological shell. This is why some people consider their pets the second half of them and some people have chosen to marry a tree, it could be true.

#3- Soul Mates are those souls in which we have had connections within a past life, and it is that simple. And I mean any connection that left some sort of mark on your soul. So, since we have all incarnated many times, you can imagine just about ALL relationships we make in each life will be a soul mate connection. There IS NOT 1 soul that is meant for us to spend time with. In fact, we are meant to experience many relationships and many different types of relationships too, in each and every life, not just romantic ones either. So yes, you and that mate of yours are most likely soul mates, probably not twin flames, however…understand more about what a soul mate is.

#4- Soul mates are also called Karmic Connections, for a reason. This is because relationships, no matter their type, are for one of two things (according to the spirit realm), 1- Repaying or 2- Rewarding and both reasons are meant to teach your soul something. This is why it is called a karmic connection. So, you have become attached to your mate because your soul knows her/him from a past life, this attachment is normal and to be expected. However, it is also a karmic connection that is meant to teach you a lesson if it is a negative experience and a reward if it was a positive connection. If it is a negative experience, then based on some past life karma that you owe payment for, this connection will make you suffer; and that is what it is meant to do.

But in the suffering, it is also meant to teach you a lesson so that you do not do the bad thing you did in a past life. If your relationship with her/him is a very good one, then you can count it as a rewarding karmic connection.

How should this change the way you feel about relationships on earth as a human being? Well, there are two ways of seeing everything, through human eyes and through spiritual eyes. Change from seeing the world through your human eyes and start seeing the spiritual aspects in everything about life. Once you gain this ability and fully understand it, you will have awakened some more and taken another step towards a higher state of consciousness. Don’t stop there, teach the truth to those you care about and dispel myths that have been around for much too long.

Understanding this information should come in handy when you want to understand why a situation is as it is, whether it is negative or positive. Many people have questions as to why they cannot get a toxic person out of their head and are constantly going back to them after a breakup, this truth will explain that. Your soul has something it needs to learn, the bottom line. If you avoid it and do not learn from it, it will only follow you until it is exhausted in some way, usually when you give in and what needs to happen happens. When client’s come to me and ask, “Do you think we are soul mates?” Yes, of course, you are, however, this also leads me to understand that the client I am communicating with doesn’t know the truth.

Looking at it through human eyes the situation has been influenced by religion and culture…which has also been influenced by religion. In fact, modern-day life in the US is based very much on a fallen empire (Rome) whose entire system was influenced by religion. When you understand that religion has no basis for actual life, you begin to see how our human eyes have been trained to see false beliefs. We have been trained to see through human eyes and to see our relationships as religion would want to see it…that is according to their beliefs. In this case, we are talking about Christianity, the main religion in the US.

Christianity says you must find someone you love, marry them and stay with them forever, otherwise you are a sinner. This religion pushes monogamous marriage and monogamous relationships (romance) in general. This is very spiritually wrong. It has everything to do with a human being, the physical body. But as a soul, a spiritual being, it does nothing for. The bottom line is, you are meant to experience many relationships in each life you live and all sorts of styles of relationships. Meaning, business, romance, friendships, family etc., all are relationship types.

So what about understanding what the past life connection was? Well it doesn’t really matter, but to satisfy the curiosity of some, here is an example. In a past life you and a female human were married. You had kids and lived together for a long time. Then one day one of you is killed in a car wreck but not before one of you gave the other many years of physical abuse. In the next life, you will meet this soul, most likely. You will be very interested romantically; IF you are not born into a family member situation which means you will simply have no escape from the lesson you are to learn. The universe wants you to learn to treat others with love and kindness instead of causing suffering at your hands.

You will be highly attracted to this soul, and this soul will be very opposite in this life. You could be born this persons puppy, raised in their home where you are abused every day until one day you are dead. The idea is that you would understand what it feels like to cause suffering to others and not do it anymore. If the lesson is learned, you will be free of this karma and when you are reborn, you will not have to answer for it any longer. The only problem is, we will build both positive and negative karma in every life. So the “vicious” cycle never ends. This is what the Buddhists have found out. This is why monastics live a life of peace and quiet away from modern day life and people, in a monastery. It’s an attempt to curve the cycle.They teach the reasons this cycle never ends but also how to end it but that’s another lesson.

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2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

  1. The difference is in a massive spiritual awakening, triggered solely by the connection itself, not what the other person is doing or not doing. The connection is what leads to ‘shadow self’ coming up & surfacing. Soulmates do grow together etc., but TF awakening is a whole ‘nother level. Shadow starts to surface & causes separation, and only healing allows for union.

    1. Pursue, I love your words…namaste

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