What Is Your Life Path Number And Why Is It So Important To Know

In a nutshell your life path number is the single most important piece of information you can get from your psychic. Why is it so important? We all have a reason for existing, yes? Of course we do. But we also all have a very important mission that is responsible for maintaining the natural order of things and we must all play our part. If you can agree that we have all been reincarnated many times, lived many lives and most likely lived many lives all over the Universe, then you should not have an issue with understanding the “soul contract”.

In fact, as a Starseed Master Psychic, I actually would prefer every client that comes to me to first get a life path reading before making any other orders. Reason being, when you know your life path you understand way more than you do when you do not know the path number and what you are here to do and why you exist. Understanding of karma, how that works, your life path number and what that means, is very important to spiritual growth and very important if you want to understand the why’s of any questions. I will answer your questions whether you know your life path number or not, but I will always suggest a life path reading.

So, when we are reincarnated our light selves, some call that our soul, agrees to a particular set of rules, a contract…if you will. This contract we know as our life path. The late Deloris Cannon, a very powerful and popular medium psychic coined the term, “quantum hypnosis” where she would put Starseed people in a trance and speak with their inner being. So the information was mined in this way until we now have a whole system of numbers that tell us what each of us is supposed to be doing. Many come to me, through the site here, and ask…what is it I should be doing or why am I here?

Well you are here for a twofold reason. #1- To repay karma, what you thought you would get away with it? Ha-ha, nope, however, there comes with the repayment lessons of love and understanding, so it is not all cruel. Some karma is repayment, some is rewards. #2- To fulfill a mission and that could be simply or complex. Your date of birth is tied directly into your life path. So if you learn to decode the date of birth properly, you can learn what your number is and then through a lot of research learn quite a bit about whom you are and what you are doing here.

However, you can always contact Starseed Psychics and have one of us do a life path reading for you too. But it is quite important when you understand what it is. Now in case you are wondering why it takes all this to learn what your path is, let me explain a few things. When we are incarnated back to earth we must take the form of a living being. This means our soul will reside in a shell and will endure the overtaking of the human side until we are awakened. Without this, there would be too much remembering and when we are to much in tuned into the spirit realm we will choose not to be in the physical realm (believe me) and so there goes the mission.

If you do not complete it, who will? How will there be any learning and spiritual growth? So our human minds are made to take over and our souls are at the mercy of this “prison”, if you will. And if our karma says we are to awaken in this life, which gives us the upper hand at happiness and success and all the positive aspects of life, then we will. If it is not our reward to do so, we will endure a life as a live being fully asleep and probably at the mercy of the wrath of normal life- that is ignorance, suffering and death.

So you see, it is very important and can really answer such questions as, “who am I, why am I here, why do I have issues with authority, why do I have nothing but relationship issues, why am I so ill, why is my life in ruins, why am I not happy with what I am doing as a career, etc.”

Now, when you know your life path and all about whom you are, it comes with information that will guide you towards the right career, and the right way to live your life. If you allow a Starseed Psychic to do the reading for you, it will likely come with some more insight that could reveal even more about who or what your soul is. Your soul IS you, you are not this body. You are simply here on a mission and to repay or be rewarded per your past life karma. Make no mistake, you have freedom of will and your spirit guide cannot interfere, so you can choose to blaze your own path. The question is…how hard or easy will your human path make your life?

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