Blue Ray Healing, What It Is And How You Can Benefit From It

Blue Ray healing is used by the Blue Rays, who are a particularly empathic and genuinely adjusted population of Lightworkers. In spite of the fact that their first job is frequently to mend themselves, many get the information on their genuine mission on Earth somewhat further down the road of life. This strategic spreading of adoration and light to people all over the planet, yet it likewise incorporates the healing of all mankind, as well. The change of DNA to permit spiritual advancement and a definitive rising of everybody on Earth is a part of the blue ray healers’ mission too.

About The Blue Ray Healers

These souls were the precursor to the Indigos, Rainbows, and Crystals, and came early to lay the groundwork for the mission to evolve humanity to higher consciousness and total spiritual awakening. They are uncommon right now, yet together they hold such amazing recuperating capacities that their impact on the planet has been gigantic – and will just develop more and more. Their awesome degrees of compassion and passionate knowledge contribute essentially to their forces; however, it likewise makes early life hard for them. Many endure injury, and about every one of them experiences youth feeling like they simply don’t fit in. Blue Rays are much more advanced than others their age, and at times this can lead educators and guardians to imagine that they have learning challenges.

Be that as it may, as grown-ups, they take their troublesome youth and use it as a positive power, converging with their actual quintessence and setting out on a healing venture. The weight of high sympathy goes to a positive, and they become cherished as companions to people all around them. They frequently make an affectionate gathering of friends who value them for their compassionate and knowledgeable nature. In fact, their very energy can be felt even if not explained by all those that come within a certain distance of them and it is so powerful it literally draws people into them.

About Blue Ray Lemurian Healing

This ability draws upon their enthusiastic arrangement with Lemuria. It’s universally useful purpose is profound purifying of aura and energy fields and clearing blockages in the unpretentious body’s chakra framework. These healers regularly practice this on themselves first, however, usually unintentional. It can happen instinctively, and it is typically after this that they gain proficiency with their actual character and mission. It is on the grounds that they are connecting with a ray of creation, inside which lies in their soul’s actual mission on earth.

The energy assimilated from this procedure contains insight and information about it. After they have awoken to their way of life as a piece of this powerful group, they will, in general, attempt a similar procedure on other people their whole lives. It is then that they understand their intrinsic recuperating capacities and pursue the way of a healer. Wherever they go, everybody, they meet gets healed from their novel aura and energy signature alone.

Healing Benefits Using Blue Ray Healers

The advantages of this type of service are many. Not every person approaches it, so those that do seize the chance to heal their energy along these lines. This sort of healing is best for the profound purifying of the aura when negative energy has flourished. Profoundly deep emotional and mental injury and neurosis can stay in your aura forever if healing doesn’t take place. The negative energy that stays in parts of your aura field, for this long, begins to have a lasting impact on your body and ultimately…life. You need an amazing healer to deal with this, for sure, at the point when you do; you will feel empowered by blue light and be prepared to take on the world.

This specific sort of healing reconnects your soul with ancient wisdom, especially about the Lumerians. It has the ability to give you a vision or intuition of the spiritual mission you could complete on earth, in this lifetime. Numerous individuals experience this as a restored drive towards their soul’s objectives, pushing them to accomplish their aspirations unafraid of disappointment. For those with a higher job, it can likewise show the way ahead by enabling your spiritual instinct through the absorption of the ray’s energy. Healers of this sort may work with energy and Spirit, performing a whole group of services for humanity’s healing and awakening. It is not uncommon to work as a spiritual guru as a blue ray healer.

Blue Ray Healing Benefits

  • Joint, muscle, and back pain
  • Inflammation, especially of the pituitary gland and throat
  • Energy Imbalance
  • Improves mood swings
  • Helps heal depression
  • Helps heal anxiety
  • Helps with addictions and bad habits
  • Improves spiritual progress
  • Raises Vibrations
  • Clears negative energy
  • Clarifies your life purpose
  • Enhances your creative power

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