What is a Life Path reading?

Every day we do live readings for clients. Some ask for past life readings, some ask for Akashic Records access, some want simple Tarot or Clairvoyant readings and some want to hire a psychic for a month or longer to save lots of money on their spiritual journey. However, there is one reading we provide that we actually suggest every single client order and that is the Life Path reading. Now as it is the mission and goal of Starseed-Psychics.com to change the face of online psychic services as well as raise the vibration of all humanity by teaching the truth and suppressing false beliefs…here is what you need to know about the Life Path reading.

First, we are all reincarnated beings. Every single one of us has lived multiple lives here on this planet as well as other places in the Universe. We have been trees, plants, animals, humans and more. Each life we repay karma, get rewarded for certain karma and live and learn. However, what most people do not understand is that we all have a mission. Now your mission may simply be to live and learn and become a better person. So, when our souls are reincarnated they are tasked with a certain path to follow which goes right along with our life mission. This path we call the Life Path.

Now some people refer to it as their soul contract, that is fine, call it what you want but understand two things. #1- If you walk your life path in this life then you can expect to be rewarded for doing right and staying on the right path and learning much. Your life will be pretty easy and enjoyable. However, if you are not walking the right path and doing your own thing, you can expect life to be much harder and you will struggle through life as your spirit guide constantly tried to get you steered on the right path. We all have just 1 spirit guide. This guide is tasked at keeping us on the right path. Some call this guide their guardian angel, again, that is fine.

This is how our spirit guide does its “job”. It is much like a rat in a maze with cheese at the end. The rat can smell the cheese and so is walking through the maze trying to find it. If you have not guessed it yet, you are the rat and the maze is life and that ending cheese reward is whatever you feel is your life’s goal. But in reality, the ending reward is what your soul will learn and the change it will undergo as it moves more and more towards “a good soul”.

So many of our clients come to us on a daily basis and every single question we entertain we can see the very root of the problem which always lies in the fact that a person is either walking their proper life path or not. This is why we always recommend a life path reading before anything else. However, you can get a life path reading at any time and if you choose to allow it to awaken you then you will soon see your life turn around. Things you would usually ask become answered in your own mind because you understand how your life path works.

Referring back to the mouse in the maze with the cheese as the reward. You will go through life and you can choose your own way, this is called free will and your spirit guide can do nothing about that, as they can not interfere with free will. If they could that would be quite unfair and make you a slave to the spirit world. Your life is your own and you must choose how to walk it. It is also true that not every person will be susceptible to this teaching and that is because it is just not your soul’s time to awaken. Not every soul is meant to reach enlightenment in this life. So if you can understand then it is your time and you can take control of your life by simply surrendering control if that makes sense.

When we surrender control to our spirit guide we are asking for an easier life. When we walk our life path our lives will be much easier to live. When we choose to walk our path as we see fit, usually this is not connected to our spiritual side and our life will be much harder. The reason for this is explained with our little mouse friend in his maze. The maze master (your spirit guide) controls the mouse’s (you) direction, trying to lead the mouse to the cheese, by dropping certain things in the mouse’s path. Some things are meant to turn the mouse around, as it walks in the wrong direction, we call these things stumbling blocks in life. You can choose to climb over these, making life harder or turn away making life easier. When the mouse is on the right path the maze master drops rewards in the path, this is meant to cause the mouse to continue on in the same direction.

In life, these things are called rewards and it is very true that when we walk our life path as it was meant to be, we are rewarded. Eventually, we end up in the end and we have chosen the easier life or the harder life by our actions. Our spirit guide is tasked with this “control”. So a question such as, “why do I keep attracting nothing but partners that use me?”, can be explained and understood by your psychic if you allow a life path reading. Although our psychics are clairvoyants, clairempaths, clairsentience gifted so the answers come but we also use all information available to us. So, our psychics are experienced in intuitively understanding what our clients need.

So, if your psychic advises you to get a life path reading, it is meant to improve your life and your readings and as the ultimate information for you, not a selling trick.

So how did the life path information get discovered? It was the late Deloris Cannon, a master medium psychic in her own right, she coined the technique called Quantum Hypnosis where she put 100’s of Starseed born souls into a deep trance so that she could extract this awesome information directly from the Starseed soul. It is based on a numerology type of reading and is hidden deep in your date of birth which was divinely controlled too. Our gifted psychics are skilled at the life path reading and can even give you an in-depth listing of all the career fields your soul was meant to work in (part of the soul contract). I hope you have enjoyed this blog on the Life Path reading and I look forward to doing your life path reading for you, just request Master Psychic Spiritwalker with your next order! Namaste!

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