Lucid Dreaming and What It Is

Have you at any point begun imagining and abruptly understood that you were in a dream? Have you at any point figured out how to deal with your dream story? In the event that your response to these is “yes,” you’ve encountered what is called lucid dreaming.

Commonly, when we dream, we consciously do not understand that the dream is not real. As a character from the film Inception puts it, “Well, dreams, they feel genuine while we’re in them right? It’s just when we wake up then we understand that something was really weird.” Although, a few of us can enter a dream and be completely mindful of the way that we are really envisioning.

It is unknown what number of individuals really experience lucid dreaming, however certain examinations have attempted to accumulate data with respect to its commonness; and it appears that this marvel might be very normal.

A lucid dream is a dream during which the visionary knows that they are actually dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the visionary may increase some measure of power over the dream characters, story, and condition; in any case, this isn’t really fundamental for a dream to be depicted as lucid.

Questions usually asked about lucid dreaming.

Q– Is lucid dreaming dangerous?

A– No, lucid dreaming is not dangerous, although, there are some that will say it is only due to bad experiences.

Q– Can anyone lucid dream?

A– Indeed. Anyone can lucid dream and you probably have before.

Q– How quickly can I learn to lucid dream?

A– As quickly as you like it to be. Lucid dreaming is very easy and takes no lessons really.

Q– How can I prevent from waking up as soon as my lucid dream begins?

A– Main focus is to remain calm and stay focused. Most people become excited when lucid dreaming begins. So, if any case you become excited or anxious, calm your mind and your lucid dream will continue on.

Lucid dreaming actually has many odd benefits.

  1. Lucid dreams help you to overcome fears and phobias
  2. Can help with solving significant problems / taking important decisions
  3. Practice and improve real-life skills
  4. Overcome/stop nightmares
  5. Lucid dream sex
  6. Lucid dream for emotional healing
  7. Connecting to your inner self
  8. Helps to discover a personal meaning to life
  9. Improve your creativity
  10. Having lots of fun, experiencing the IMPOSSIBLE
  11. Indulge in complete privacy
  12. Get better with no risks or worries of injuries
  13. Explore beyond imagination

There are many people whom try to have lucid dreams to help solve problems and have come out of it with successful results.

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