Do Empaths Have The Sense of Not Belonging?

No matter how hard you try to get people to understand you, it always feels like they don’t understand. Nobody feels the way you do, nobody thinks the way you do. Even at times when you feel that this person is bad and they should never be trusted, doesn’t mean they feel the same. As a empath, your feelings are way more intune and deeper. You feel those deep feelings that other people don’t.

For instance, how can these people “fit in” into society and find satisfaction when empaths can’t? There are many reasons for this. Empaths can detect when someone is sad, angry, depressed, etc. They are walking lie detectors. An empath knows when someone is lying. Empaths can feel the good people and the bad people, they know who to trust and who not too. Most empaths don’t realize how sensitive other energies are until after their spiritual awakening. A lot of times empaths will not know how to deal with all of these energies and will become overwhelmed and majorly drained. It’s a learning experience being an empath. This leads to alone time, needing time to recharge your being just to do it again the next day. This then leads to feeling like you don’t belong here, it’s far too overwhelming. You being to feel as if you belong somewhere else more peaceful, less stressful, calm, less noise, etc.

Empaths feeling of not belonging here is their defense that is keeping them from remaining the same. Because, they are not meant to stand still and do nothing. They are always moving forward, learning, and experiencing new things in life. They have this urge to heal and teach and too move forward int life. And, while they are searching for their place in the world, they are already finding new ways to adapt, by grounding themselves, visiting nature, living in the forest, hiking, just by being in nature does wonders. They learn that being in nature grounds them and restores their energy. They become more empathetic, healthier and stronger. They begin to learn how to contain their energy and not become so easily drained. What’s stopping them from achieving the sense of belonging is, society. Society’s way of how everyone should think, dress, eat, act even education is wrong and is clashing with the empathic beings.

That’s why every empath starts feeling insecure on this planet, feel they do not belong here. They notice every lie, every manipulation that is imposed on them by society, but they are told they must conform, but every empath knows that this is not right. This is why it is so hard to feel ‘right’ in a society where nothing seems to be right and everything is wrong. I mean, we still use fossil fuels. We are not progressing forward. But, we spiritual beings are. We are evolving, becoming more, we are using our brains even more than we used too. A huge spiritual shift is taking place and has been, its only becoming stronger as time goes on.

So, of course empaths have this feeling they don’t belong, society is not where emapths should be. Nature is their cure, where everything makes sense.

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6 thoughts on “Do Empaths Have The Sense of Not Belonging?

  1. And in my own skin which is the toughest part. The feeling like my “home” is somewhere else is getting stronger. So weird.

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for reading. The reasoning for this is because you are starting to go through a spiritual awakening. Times like what you’re going through are going to get stronger and more intense.

    2. As the earth raises its vibration, so to shall all of humanity raise their vibration, whether you are ready or not….welcome to human evolution into higher consciousness.

  2. This is ME! I never understood what was “wrong” with me. I never could figure out just how I knew someone was bad or lying until I discovered I was an empath. I had never heard of it. Thanks so much! Nice to connect with other fellow empaths!

  3. This is a great post, love it. Also you’re promoting a fab book it was a great read Dr. Orloff knows her stuff.

    1. Thank you Psychic Mama, we aim to please!

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