The meaning of the white aura

You’ve been told you have a white aura. You may have sought out this information because you are confused about how your life is going or you feel there is something about yourself you are not sure of. As a professional spiritual advisor/psychic, many times I have been contacted by a potential client in need of an aura reading because of this reason. Lately, with the earth boosting up it’s shift and humanities shift into the higher conscious state, that is needed for the spiritual evolution of humanity (in order to survive), people have become unable to cope with the changes that their lives will inevitably go through, especially their mind. They have become confused and irritated and are finding it hard for relationships to continue and career paths to enjoy. Things these people used to like, are becoming something they no longer feel is part of their lives and for most, that is pretty confusing too.

So they turn to someone they trust can shed some light on things. Sometimes its relationship questions, other times its career questions. More times than not an aura reading is requested and that is where things become quite clear to me, your psychic tuned into to all this information. Many times, there is a white aura. First let me tell you about the aura. The aura is a color field that surrounds the person. Each live being has its own aura and some very clairvoyant psychics can even see aura fields around inanimate objects. These aura fields have been scientifically proven to exist and there is a whole system of information that has been created to make heads or tails of what each aura means.

However, as many colors as your aura can be, there is no actual white aura. The fact is, if you have a white aura, there usually can be seen an additional color with that. So possibly a violet aura with a white overlay or a white aura with a green overlay, etc. For those of us Clairvoyants that can truly see the aura fields of others, that white aura is what is very important to us. The white aura literally tells us that your aura is changing. And is trying to take on a different color that will have a much more important meaning. This change usually always signifies that you are going through a spiritual change. Most people have a white aura that are experiencing the upheaval shift into a higher conscious state. It is, no doubt, due to the increase in vibration that is happening on planet earth and in humanity as I write this.

Here is what you will find as a general rule for the white aura, if you were to do a simple search of aura colors: Reflects other energy. A pure state of light. Often represents a new, not yet designated energy in the aura. Spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions. Purity and truth; angelic qualities. White sparkles or flashes of white light: angels are nearby; can indicate that the person is pregnant or will be soon. As you can see the description is pretty generalized. However, it does state a pure state of light is being seen. Let me lay it out for you. We are all light beings. Light beings that have inhabited a human body as part of our mission on this planet. So when there is no aura field, because the color is changing, all that is left to be seen is our original color, the color of pure white light.

I tell people, I can see their inner light, that means a white aura is visible. It signifies major change in your life. It usually takes a professional spiritual advisor, such as the Starseed Psychics here on the site, to fully explain this. Because your life is going through such major change it is easier if you understood what was happening to you, this takes consulting with a spiritual advisor. Usually over time, a lot of information will be explained and taught to you when you hire our spiritual advisors via our monthly subscription. Our professional spiritual advisors can help you get through this upheaval in your life. They can help you make lemons into lemonade with what is happening in your relationship, career and all the other areas of concern.

As a general rule of thumb, if I see the white overlain as opposed to the white underlain, it tells me your current true aura color and that you are about to undergo major spiritual change. However, if the white is underlain, it tells me the color overlaid on the white is your new aura and I can tell you what to expect for the “new you”! Contact one of the Starseed Psychics today if you would like an aura reading or if you are in need of spiritual teaching/counseling due to a white aura.

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